January 27, 2021
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Eight Effective Tools to Try for Mobile A/B Testing

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How would you like to turn your app into an amazing one? It is possible with A/B Testing, one of the most primarily used methods for checking the effectiveness of your app. A/B testing, also known as Split Testing, allows you to improve your app, both functionally and visually. This also is the main reason why giants such as Facebook and LinkedIn are doing A/B testing regularly.

Of course, it does take time for A/B testing but when you think of the benefits, you don't mind the wait, do you? A/B testing takes time because you need to plan the test, think and outline the variants, deploy a new version of your app into the major app stores, and wait until people use it so that you get clear results. But, the truth is that A/B testing lets you understand the impact of the changes you have made in your app. Bring the data to the table, check what went wrong or how a particular idea proved to be successful and so on.

In fact, mobile A/B testing is almost like a science experiment, and equally powerful.

Here are tools that would help with accuracy in A/B testing.

This article was originally published on 2017-02-17

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