February 25, 2021
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PocketPC-Adding a Permanent Menu Entry to the New Button Menu

  • By Amit Dey
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For a PocketPC application that I was writing recently, one of my tasks was to add a custom menu entry to the PocketPC New Button Menu. Because I've seen that the topic gets asked enough times on Pocket PC programming forums, I thought I'd write something to this end. Of course, you can always look through the documentation to New Menu items that comes along with the PocketPC SDK for reference. Through this brief tutorial I will show you the steps involved to do this. The sample project adds such menu items and handles respective menu clicks.

I assume you are a PocketPC programmer developing with embedded Visual C++ 3.0 and have some experience programming COM, although newbie eVC++ programmers shouldn't have any problems following.


The New Button, present at the bottom of the PocketPC Today screen, allows the user to quickly create a new item of any type and launches the parent application. Clicking the New Button displays a popup menu that consists of a list of menu items, each of which gives the user quick access to commonly used items such as Contacts, New E-mail Messages, or document types such as Word documents, Excel wordbooks, and so forth. The New Button and all individual menu entries can be enabled and disabled in the New Menu property page that comes up thru Start->Settings->Menus and clicking the New Menu tab.

Adding custom menu items to the New Button menu is very easy, as you will find out. The cool thing here is that you can do all this with fewer than 10 lines of code if you are using a framework such as ATL for your COM object.

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This article was originally published on December 12, 2002

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