January 17, 2021
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Android Development 101: 'Hello World' in Four Minutes Flat

  • By Chris Bennett
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Start learning how to develop for the Android platform with the Android Development 101 video series. In this first episode, Chris L. Bennett demonstrates how to create a traditional Hello World application. In just over four minutes, he:

  1. Shows the process of creating a new Android project;
  2. Provides a brief view of the project folder structure;
  3. Covers the main layout in the project, including modifications needed for the Hello World demonstration;
  4. Jumps into the source code and starts modifying it to capture button events and change text in the layout; and
  5. Demonstrates the code in the emulator, which simply allows the user to click a button and show the text change.

By the time the video ends, you will have created your first Android 'Hello World' application.

Originally published on https://www.developer.com.

This article was originally published on January 31, 2011

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