November 20, 2018
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Using the Google Any Voice Kit How to Run Google Assistant on Android Things
Follow up on the previous article and learn to configure the Google API Project to …

How to Run Google Assistant on Android Things Using the Any Voice Kit
Developers can run Android Things on the Voice Kit with full functionality, including …

Building an Android Things Application
Learn how to connect an LED to a button's KeyUp and KeyDown events.

Getting Started with Android Things Development
Get started working with Google's Android Things and learn how to set up the required …

Creating Google Glass Applications
Learn how to start building applications for Google Glass.

Understanding Android Versioning
Learn how Android versioning works so that you can write applications that can benefit …

Top Android Emulators to Drive Maximum Reach for Your Android App
Android developers, walk through the Android emulators you should use to test your …

What Do Android App Developers Gain with Android Marshmallow?
Android is becoming a major market for mobile apps. Are you ready to develop them?

How to Expand App Reach by Supporting Multiple Screen Sizes
Learn how to expand app reach by supporting multiple screen sizes.

Syncing Data Between Android Handhelds and Wearables
Learn about common data objects and ways to handle them.

Top 10 Android Devices in the Market
Millions of Android devices were sold in 2015. Here is the list of the top Android devices …

A Quick Primer on the Top Android 6.0 Marshmallow Features
Go through some of the top features of Android M and determine whether it stands up to the …

Update: Connecting Your Android Device to Eclipse
Updated: The Android Emulator is a useful tool for previewing your mobile app, but it can …

Providing Configurations in Android Wear
Take the next step in learning to program Android Wear Watch Faces.

Programming Android Wear Watch Faces
Learn to create the most widely used feature on smart watches: a personalized watch face.

Creating an iOS Solution with Xamarin
In this installment of our series on developing cross platform mobile solutions with …

How to Prep Your Android Apps for Kindle Fire
Face it, a lot of Kindles have been sold. While most developers have had few problems …

Android Smartwatch Review: I'm Watch
The i'm Watch smart watch for Android is a good concept that perhaps was too ambitious in …

Enable a Fingerprint Scanner for Android on the Motorola ATRIX 4G
Motorola recently released a special API that Android developers can use to integrate the …

Enable Hardware Acceleration in Your Android 3.0 Apps
Android 3.0+, aka Honeycomb, offers hardware acceleration for standard views, but it is …

Android Hardware: Developing for the Galaxy Tab
The line-up of Samsung Galaxy Tabs introduce many development opportunities. Learn how to …

Android Hardware: Developing for the Nexus S
The Nexus S, the Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) flagship and launch device, introduced many …

Managing Battery Life for Android Devices: Tips for Users and Developers
Here are techniques for Android device users to lengthen battery life and for Android …

Building Killer Android Tablet Apps: Design and Development Tips
Android tablets are coming. Luckily, many design principles for writing great Android …

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