VoiceVoiceXML and Related Resources

VoiceXML and Related Resources

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A Pinch of SALT for your PDA
“SALT, [in contrast to VXML], is designed for use with multimodal applications, in which you provide input via voice commands and the resulting output is graphical—or vice versa. Such back-end apps are accessed not through standard telephones but through networked mobile devices, including PDAs and Internet-enabled cell phones.”

VoiceGenie’s Developer Workshop
A collection of tools that allows you to design, develop and test your own voice-enabled, interactive phone application for free.

VoiceXML Forum’s Tutorial 1: Creating A Basic VoiceXML Application
This tutorial from the VoiceXML forum teaches you about VXML from the ground up, and the series goes from Tutorial 1 through 4.

Dave Raggett’s Introduction to VoiceXML 2.0
This is a short introduction to VoiceXML. It owes its heritage to a well travelled set of slides by Scott McGlashan of Pipebeach. Scott leads the W3C Voice Browser working group’s VoiceXML subgroup.

Brainhat VoiceXML
Brainhat is a Natural Language Environment capable of dispatching tasks, handling real world events, evaluating ideas, and asking and answering questions. Brainhat can function as a simple VoiceXML server. Hand-crafted VoiceXML pages can be served alongside dynamically generated Brainhat pages.

Voice Web SALT Reference
This reference is designed to facilitate easy access to SALT’s major components. Most of the material for this reference comes directly from the SALT Specification, Version 1.0.

VoiceXML Resource Center
Palo Wireless’ new section for VoiceXML, the Voice eXtensible Markup Language, Voice Recognition and related technologies.

ELVIRA Extensible LSD VoiceXML Interpreter for Dialog Applications
Elvira is a set of libraries and programs for building, testing and evaluating dialog applications, i.e. applications which use natural language for communication with users.

Results of the VoiceXML Forum Survey
In August 2002 the VoiceXML Forum’s Education Committee conducted an on-line survey on VoiceXML. The survey itself consisted of three sections: tools, conformance, and developer certification. Now you can view the results of this survey.

W3C’s “Voice Browser” Activity Page
This is the W3C’s “Voice Browser” Activity page, designed give readers an introduction to each of the areas the Working Group is addressing and plans for future work.

Microsoft Announces Technical Preview of .NET Speech Platform And Joint Development Program
Microsoft announced the availability of the beta 2 release of the Microsoft. .NET Speech Software Development Kit (SDK), as well as a technical preview of the Microsoft .NET Speech platform and a newly established Joint Development Program (JDP).

ViaVoice and XVoice: Providing Voice Recognition
This article provides “an overview of voice recognition software for Linux, its benefits and shortcomings and its cloudy future.”

Voice Browser Call Control: CCXML Version 1.0
This specification, released October 11th, 2002, describes markup for designed to provide telephony call control support for VoiceXML or other dialog systems. CCXML is far from complete.

An Introduction To VoiceXML
This article takes a look at VoiceXML from a wireless developer’s viewpoint, looking at the workings of a simple VoiceXML application.

TellPoint provides its comprehensive line of voice products, the TellPoint Voice Suite, as server software that can be deployed on all major Java application servers and VoiceXML gateways.

Plum Voice Solutions
Plum’s open standard VoiceXML IVR systems and software provide powerful and flexible functionality, supporting XML-based IVR integration and advanced features such as speech recognition and text-to-speech synthesis.

Voice Biometrics & Application Security
Voice biometrics are an excellent option for application security. In this article, I prototype an application that uses a telephone call to verify identity using freely available voice biometric resources that have simple APIs. Furthermore, the prototype can be easily integrated with Internet-capable applications–using VoiceXML.

Ken Rehor’s World of VoiceXML
Ken’s site is a very large personal directory of information about VoiceXML. Definitely worth a visit if you’ve never been there.

Voxeo’s VoiceXML Documentation
The Voxeo Community provides documention and example applications for CallXML, VXML, CallXML and the Voxeo Enhanced Text-To-Speech Embedded Tag Reference. The feature both docs and tutorials, so if you haven’t checked it out, be sure to take a look.

VoiceXML Reference
This reference can be searched and compared with other references. If you have Mozilla based browser, you can add indexes as a sidebar.

Voices for Voice XML Applications
RightVoice.Net specializes in making the information and services of enterprises sound crisp, clean, and professional. We offer professionally produced voice prompts for ivr/vru systems, “natural speech” for speech recognition applications, auto attendant / after-hours greetings, ACD for Call Centers, On Hold programs, audio for Internet web pages, talking cars, GPS, consumer electronics, and multi-media applications.

VoxSurf Application Platform
VoxSurf have developed a highly flexible Object Orientated core architecture. Applications developed using this architecture inherit security, internationalisation, branding, management and multi-channel capabilities, allowing seamless integration with existing PSTN, next generation wireless and IP based networks. Industry standards and protocols supported include HTML, HTTP, HTTPS, IMAP4, JDBC, LDAP, MIME, POP3, SMTP, SNMP, SSL, VOICEXML, WAP, WML and XML.

HeyAnita FreeSpeech Developer Network
The HeyAnita FreeSpeech Developer Network purports to be the “ultimate online destination for developing VoiceXML applications.” They feature tutorials, software and other tools for the VoiceXML developer.

How to implement VoiceXML (VXML) with the ScriptEase ISDK
This document provides a guide to implementing the rules of ECMAScript as applied to the VXML specification using the ScriptEase ISDK.

RightVoice.Net offers “natural speech” for speech recognition applications, voice prompts for ivr/vru systems, auto attendant and after hours greetings, on hold programs, ACD for CallCenters, and audio for Internet web pages.

SpeechWorks Developer Area
The SpeechWorks developer area aims to provide a collaborative space for application designers to develop innovative speech recognition and text-to-speech systems and applications. To this end, this area offers tools and applications to aide software developers throughout all stages of the development lifecycle.

W3C Natural Language Semantics Markup Language
Currently interaction with the web takes place primarily with standard web pages on desktop browsers. Newer forms of interaction, such as voice interaction and mobile handset applications, are also starting to become more widespread. Multimodal interaction adds new dimensions to the experience of interacting with web applications.

Oracle 9iAS Mobile Studio
The Mobile Studio is an online environment for quickly building, testing and deploying wireless applications. There is no need to download any software or tools to start using the Mobile Studio. Just register and log in.

WebSphere Transcoding Publisher: HTML-to-VoiceXML Transcoder
WebSphere Transcoding Publisher contains an HTML-to-VoiceXML Transcoder that can convert your HTML Web pages to VoiceXML for audio output to a cellular phone.

SpeechRecognition.net is a great source of information for companies interested in implementing speech and voice recognition technologies within their businesses as well as for end-users.

VoiceXML Review
Featuring articles, news and editorials, this ezine is brought to you by the folks from VoiceXML Forum.

Streamlining Development for Voice and Data Services
Service-centric applications bring on new complications for the development team. Yet, savvy use of JSF and a service-oriented approach makes software reuse a bigger factor.

WebSphere Transcoding Publisher: HTML-to-VoiceXML Transcoder
Explains how to make your existing HTML pages accessible to telephony-enabled devices by using the HTML-to-VoiceXML feature in WebSphere Transcoding Publisher.

The Ferrum Group: Solutions for the Voice Enabled Web
The Ferrum Group provides technical training, market analysis, and implementation services for developers that would like to integrate automated telephone access capabilities into their software products.

Voice Ecosystem 2002: Outlook and Planning Guide
“This year’s Voice Ecosystem report introduces year-by-year metrics, expressed primarily in terms of annual shipments vs. the previous year’s installed based numbers, as well as selected market share analyses not previously available…and has implications for those companies committing to a multimodal strategy, which includes all members of the VoiceXML Forum and expanding SALT Forum.”

Safe & Sound: VoiceXML Making New Friends
“The rationale behind this column was to either reassure developers that VoiceXML will be viable for at least a little while or warn them not to spend that free time learning something that would render itself antiquated by 2003.”

The Intelligent Wireless Web
“The Intelligent Wireless Web” presents a compelling vision of the Webs near future, with an overview of the technologies that will make it possible. The book illustrates the synergy among five key technological components: speech used as a primary user interface; wireless personal area networks; an integrated wired/wireless network infrastructure; 3G wireless protocols; and intelligent applications.

“We build voice products and solutions that enhance the productivity of mobile workforces by providing secure access to enterprise information.”

Telera Voice Application Platform
Telera’s Voice Web Application Platform is a high performance, reliable, distributed communications platform that enables Service Providers to develop and deploy revenue-generating services using a standards based, converged architecture.

IBM alphaWorks Releases Recognition Compatible Voice Coding
IBM alphaWorks just released the Recognition-Compatible Voice Coder (RECOVC). a distributed speech recognition demo that uses a low-bit-rate voice coder/decoder, designed to work in applications in which compressed speech is to be processed.

Announcing Cambridge VoiceXML Studio
Cambridge Voice Studio is one of the first desktop development environments that enables developers to build full-featured TTS-enabled VoiceXML 1.0 applications without additional hardware or software.

VoxPilot, the pan-European VoiceXML development portal
Voxpilot is the leading pan-European VoiceXML development portal, offering a range of tools and services for developers, including an online development environment, a VoiceXML gateway, VSP hosting, and local access telephone numbers for development and deployment in all major European markets.

XMLFiles.com features XML tutorials, a discussion forum, newsletter, examples and tons of XML resource links. If you want to know more about XML, visit this site!

DeVXchange – A VoiceXML Developer Community
Telera DeVXchange is a VoiceXML developer community that offers tools and resources to create enterprise-class voice applications. DeVXchange offers two tools for developers, DeVXchange CodeCenter and DeVXchange AppBuilder.

Dynamic VoiceXML apps, Part 2
The Wireless Zone just released Part 2 of its Voice XML series. This tutorial is more advanced than the first and specializes on developing dynamic VoiceXML-based applications.

This company is bringing the VoiceXML technology to the German market. Check out the first VoiceXML Gateway supporting the German language.

Making Better Voice Portal Apps, Part 1
Todd Elvins, Ph.D., co-founder of Indicast, gives you his “top ten” list of VoiceXML app-dev design hints.

Making Better Voice Portal Apps, Part 2
Todd Elvins, Ph.D., co-founder of Indicast, continue with his “top ten” list of VoiceXML app-dev design hints.

Voice Web Community
This is a community that is interested in the whole voice web. Talk with people about their involvement and where the voice web is heading from VoiceXML to SALT.

WebSphere Voice Zone
The Voice Zone provides information and tools to developers who are interested in developing voice applications.

Voice Web Solutions
Voice Web Solutions’ VANGUARD Producer technology converts legacy document formats into VoiceXML or the fly for reading e-mail attachments.

IBM developerWorks Wireless Zone Presents Introduction to Voice XML
This tutorial demonstrates the building of apps incorporating the Voice Extensible Markup Language, a.k.a. Voice XML. Upon completion, you should have a good overview and understanding of this type of application development.

GetVocal offers a complete line of VoiceXML products and services that allow you to easily build and deploy your own custom voice applications.

VoiceXML Related News
A weblog consisting of pointers to various VoiceXML related news items, particularly relating to VoiceGenie Technologies.

“Faced to the fast development of speech technologies: voice recognition, softwares, voice over IP, voice portals and plateforms, we decided to create a brand new community dedicated to speech recognition, gathering people interested in voice web.”

“The Audium Server is a VoiceXML and J2EE compliant voice application platform that accelerates the development of advanced voice applications. Download and evaluate Audium’s latest software and play a leading role in the development of the next generation of advanced voice applications.”

FreeSpeech Gateway Server
The HeyAnita FreeSpeech Platform is an open platform that provides a uniform programming interface, allowing developers to write applications that will interoperate with a number of speech recognition engines, text-to-speech engines, and hardware devices.

Entervoice – Voice enable your J2EE infrastructure
Entervoice’s flagship product is qIVR – a Voice Application Server (VAS). A VAS is to the telephone, what a Web Server is to the Internet. Web Servers allow companies to deploy Web applications that customers access via any Web browser.

VoiceXML WebRing
Sites about VoiceXML and voice technologies are encouraged to join this Ring.

IDYLIC’s VoiceXML Gateway
IDYLIC’s Ready-to-use VoiceXML Gateway enables developers to deploy Voice applications from web-based VoiceXML pages.

Voxeo Community
Voxeo Community provides all of the resources and support necessary for creating, testing and deploying phone applications on Voxeo.Net, our nationwide, managed Phone+Web Network.

BeVocal Cafe
The BeVocal Cafe is a world-class, web-based development environment that provides all the tools and resources developers need to create their own innovative speech applications for the telephone.

Internet Product Watch’s Development | Voice Section
This section of internet.com’s InternetProductWatch.com covers Voice access related products from a developer’s perspective.

The GSL Used by Tellme created by Nuance
Nuance delivers speech recognition, voice authenttication, and text-to-speech software, and created the GSL used by Tellme.com.

W3C’s Draft of GSL Standard
This document defines syntax for representing grammars for use in peech recognition so that developers can specify the words and patterns of words to be listened for by a speech recognizer.

VoiceXML Forum Users Group Meeting Presentations
Over 220 VoiceXML enthusiasts gathered for the first annual VoiceXML Forum Users Group Meeting on 5 April 2001 in San Jose, Calif. These are the presentations from the event..

Tellme Studio
Tellme Studio is a suite of Web-based VoiceXML development tools and community resources that enable you to build, test, and publish your own Internet-powered, voice-enabled applications on the Tellme Network.

The VoiceXML 1.0 DTD
The VoiceXML 1.0 DTD was updated and published on July 18th, 2000 and can be found on the VoiceXML Forum web site.


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