January 23, 2021
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Review: HeyAnita FreeSpeech Developer Network

  • By Hitesh Seth
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VoiceXML Version Support

The FreeSpeech Developer Network supports VoiceXML 1.0-based applicationdevelopment. The hosted development platform, however, does provide extensivesupport for XML-based grammars. As we will see later, the key highlights of theenvironment is its extensive set of grammar development and testing tools.

First looks - VoiceXML IDE

Similar to other hosted development tools, the FreeSpeech Developer Networkprovides basic mechanisms to rapidly develop and test VoiceXML applications. Thecore VoiceXML IDE part of the environment includes three tools: RapidApp, which allows you to create a VoiceXML application using a scratchpad; URLApp, which allows you to link an externally hosted VoiceXML Application (using your own web/application server); and FileApp, which allows developers to upload up to 2MB of VoiceXML, grammar and promptfiles. The FileApp component is particularly interesting, as it allows multipleVoiceXML documents to be uploaded and any one of them can be set as the startdocument; typically one would use that start document as an introduction tothe application and/or get login/user information. 

Common to the three components is the built-in syntax checking, autoformatting of VoiceXML content and a debug log of the currently executingapplication. The three components of the IDE are illustrated in thesescreenshots (click on a thumbnail to see an enlarged version.) 

RapidApp URLApp FileApp

Grammar IDE and Parser

Similar to the RapidApp, the Grammar IDE allows developers to create andrapidly test XML-based grammars. Whereas the Grammar IDE includes a tool tovalidate the basic syntax, the grammar parser allows the developer to test thegrammar by entering test utterances. 

Grammar IDE Grammar Parser

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This article was originally published on September 10, 2002

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