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VoiceXML Developer Tools Roundup

  • December 31, 2002
  • By Hitesh Seth
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I had the opportunity of reviewing a number of different tools for developing and testing VoiceXML applications. In this article, I would like to focus on the salient features of some of the tools and provide some recommendations which should assist you in the selection of your next VoiceXML development tool.

A Brief Glimpse of Various Tools

Tool Category Key Highlights Screenshot
Audium 3 VoiceXML Application Server Platform
  • Based on J2EE Application Servers
  • Visual Call Flow Modeling
  • Components - Audium Builder & Server
  • Integration with custom applications using Java APIs and XML.
  • Large library of pre-built components and modules
  • Ability to create custom modules and rules
BeVocal Cafe Hosted VoiceXML Application Development Platform
  • File Management
  • Vocal Player (plays previous sessions)
  • Vocal Scripter (VoiceXML testing terminal using keyboard data entry)
  • Vocal Debugger
  • Support for pre-built SpeechObjects
  • Extensions: Speaker Verification, Voice Enrollment, Voice "Alerts"
GetVocal SDK Desktop Development Tool
  • Visual VoiceXML Editor
  • Can function as a Single Port gateway (when connected with a modem)
  • Support for ActiveX/Java components within JavaScript in VoiceXML documents
  • Scripts based Automated testing
  • Local/Remote VoiceXML Testing
HeyAnita FreeSpeech Developer Network Hosted VoiceXML Development Platform
  • File Management
  • Grammar (XML) IDE - Grammar Generation Wizard, Grammar Parser
IBM WebSphere Voice Toolkit Desktop VoiceXML Application Development Tool
  • Based on Eclipse, a popular Open Source IDE
  • VoiceXML Editor
  • Audio Recorder
  • Voice Application Debugger
  • Grammar Development Tools
  • Extensive library of Reusable Dialog Components
  • Dynamic Voice Application Development using J2EE technologies (JSP/Servlets)
  • Pronunciation Builder for IBM WebSphere Voice Server
Nuance V-Builder Desktop VoiceXML Application Development Tool
  • Visual Palette based VoiceXML Editor
  • Grammar Builder
  • Dialog Tester
  • Prompt Editor
  • Extensive library of pre-built SpeechObjects
  • Tight integration with Nuance Speech Tools
Oracle 9iAS Mobile Studio Hosted Multi-Channel Development Platform
  • Multi-channel platform. Supports Web (HTML), VoiceXML and WAP delivery simultaneously
  • Defines a set of multi-channel XML tags
Telera DeVXchange Hosted VoiceXML Development Environment + Desktop Development Tool
  • Hosted Development Tool - CodeCenter
  • Call Tracer
  • Debug Logs
  • Voice Recorder/Audio Converter
  • Grammar Verifier
  • Outbound Notification
  • AppBuilder - graphical VoiceXML application generation environment - generates asp/jsp code
  • Call Control Extensions to VoiceXML
Tellme Studio Hosted VoiceXML Application Development Platform
  • Scratchpad for creating instant demo applications
  • Grammar Tools - Phrase Checker, Phrase Generator
  • Record By Phone
  • VoiceXML Terminal (test VoiceXML applications in a text based simulated environment)
  • Support for VoIP
VoiceGenie Developer Workshop and GenieIDE Hosted VoiceXML Application Development and Desktop VoiceXML IDE
  • VoiceXML Editor
  • Dialog/Grammar Wizards
  • Dialog Flow
  • Pre-built library of SpeechWorks OpenSpeech DialogModules
  • VoiceXML Validator
  • Grammar Wizard
  • Audio Converter & Record By Phone
  • Call Log Explorer
Voxeo Community Hosted VoiceXML Application Development Platform
  • Support for VoiceXML, CallXML and CCXML Applications
  • Outbound Calling
  • Reporting
  • Web Services based Application Insight Tool - Management & Monitoring of remote VoiceXML/CCXML Applications
  • Visual Voxeo Designer
  • CCXML Support
voxPilot ODE Hosted VoiceXML Application Development Platform Key Highlights
  • Local Numbers for European Developers
  • Support for Multiple Languages
  • File/Project manager
  • Reusable Subdialog based Components
  • Realtime Log Viewer

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