March 4, 2021
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Evaluating the Benefits of VoiceXML for eBusiness

  • By Jonathan Eisenzopf
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Reduces Time-To-Market

Productivity gains and global competition has really driven the need to change the way businesses work so that they can rapidly respond to global conditions. I believe that the introduction of the Euro currency and the increasing number of free market investments that the United States has been making over the years requires American businesses to find new ways to drive down costs and to find new ways to do business with the international community.

VoiceXML is not THE global business solution, but it is one of the technologies that businesses should be looking at including in their arsenal. This will enable your company to bring your telephone capabilities to bear as rapidly as your Web site.

Centralizes Development and Management Resources

Does the need to develop a new system every time you have to bridge your front and back office make sense? Of course not. If you've already or are considering consolidating technologies into common and centralized business components, you can easily leverage this business logic in VoiceXML. Since we're talking about eBusiness, this business logic will exist in a form that VoiceXML can understand out-of-the-box.

The idea hear is to centralize and re-use application components across the enterprise in Windows, Web, wireless, and yes, voice applications.

The Web as a computing platform interface has done a lot to drive consolidation of computing applications. Use this opportunity as a spring board to integrate your telephone, PBX, and call center systems with this centralized infrastructure. This will not only give you more power to affect change across the enterprise, but will reduce the number of people required to maintain the systems.

Since many companies will likely have in-house Web development talent to develop and maintain eBusiness systems, why not leverage their expertise and make your automated telephone system more useful and customer friendly. Any Web developer that understands XML and a backend scripting language can develop a VoiceXML application. If you're already beginning to develop applications that work on the Web and wireless devices, you already have the skills and software infrastructure to develop applications that will also work on the telephone.


I hope that these four benefits have given you a better perspective of how VoiceXML can be utilized to provide real business benefits for an eBusiness. If you have any questions regarding this material or a related issue, feel free to write to me. If I don't know the answer off-hand, I'll find it for you. It's important in this early stage of the technology that all questions are fully answered. Or in my case as a reporter, that all answers are fully questioned.

About Jonathan Eisenzopf

Jonathan is a member of the Ferrum Group, LLC based in Reston, Virginia that specializes in Voice Web consulting and training. He has also written articles for other online and print publications including WebReference.com and WDVL.com. Feel free to send an email to eisen@ferrumgroup.com regarding questions or comments about the VoiceXML Strategy series, or for more information about training and consulting services.

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This article was originally published on September 28, 2002

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