February 28, 2021
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VoiceXML Quick Start Guide

  • By Jonathan Eisenzopf
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Step 5 - Upload the dialog to a public Web server

Once you're satisfied with the voice dialog, you will need to upload the main.vxml file to a Web server that is publicly available on the Internet. Make sure you know the full Web URL to main.vxml on your Web server after it has been uploaded. If you've uploaded the file into your Web root directory, and the hostname of the Web server was www.myhost.com, then the URL would be http://www.myhost.com/main.vxml. Once you've uploaded the file and have verified that you have the correct URL to the file, proceed on to Step 6.

Step 6 - Set up your Voxeo developer account

  You can be assured that voice dialogs developed in V-Builder will work on the Voxeo platform because they utilize the Nuance Voice Web Server. Voxeo is a Voice ASP, which means that they manage the hardware and software and provide you with a toll-free phone number to access your VoiceXML application. Customers dial the toll-free number which connects to a Voxeo gateway. The gateway then interacts with your VoiceXML application, which resides on a Web server somewhere on the Internet. You will first need to register for a free developer account. Then you can login to your account on the Voxeo Community Web site, http://community.voxeo.com.

When you login, you will be greeted by the Voxeo Account Management screen as seen below. Click the <add new app> link.

View Voxeo Account Manager Screen Shot

Select the Nuance Voice XML v1.2 Development option and click the "NEXT" button.


Now, select a name for your application, enter the full Web URL to the main.vxml file on the Internet, and click on the "FINISH" button.


You will see a confirmation screen that includes the phone number and PIN code for your application. Write this information down for reference and click the "NEXT" button. Finally click on the button labeled "SAVE CHANGES". You will see that the application has been added to the Development menu.

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This article was originally published on September 28, 2002

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