February 27, 2021
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Review: Audium 3

  • By Hitesh Seth
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Developing a simple VoiceXML Application - Step by Step

Lets see step-by-step what is involved in building a VoiceXML application, in the "Audium way."

1. Start the Builder
"start %AUDIUM_HOME\Builder\AudiumBuilder.cmd"

2. Select "New Application."

3. Configure the basic properties of the application. Typically, only the application name needs to be provided. Other properties, such as caching mechanism, timeout, error messages, Voice Browsers supported, user management and logging, are included for the overall management of the application.
4.Open the Call Flow for the Application. The application initializes with the "Call Start" module.
5. Drag an Audio module into the call flow and configure it to play a TTS message "Hello World"

6. Drag "End of Call" and connect the components together.
7. Save the application  

We just built a dynamic Audium VoiceXML application! Notice that the VoiceXML created by Audium Server (see below) includes a number of other elements which we didn't really configure/develop. These elements were introduced by the Audium platform for enabling auditing, logging, debugging, session management etc. capabilities.

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This article was originally published on September 3, 2002

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