February 27, 2021
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Review: Voxeo Community

  • By Hitesh Seth
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Introduction to CCXML

If you have been reading the recent articles on this site, then you probably have a good understanding of CCXML. Essentially, CCXML (which standards for Call Control XML) is an XML-based markup language which provides call control support for VoiceXML or any other dialog system. The current VoiceXML standard currently is focused primarily on providing semantics for representing conversational dialogs. The only support for any call control mechanism is available through the transfer tag. CCXML provides the much needed sophisticated event-based asynchronous call-control mechanism to a telephony platform based on VoiceXML. However, by definition CCXML isn't restricted to VoiceXML. It can be leveraged by other similar markup languagess or even non xml-based traditional IVR platforms.

Voxeo Support for CCXML

Leveraging the experience that Voxeo had around call-control using Voxeo's own markup language CallXML, Voxeo Community provides an early implementation of the CCXML specification. Support for CCXML is available across the various applications and tools that make up the community. For starters, let's say we want to test the following simple CCXML document with the hosted community.

We start with the Voxeo Account Manager and using its support for creating a CCXML application, walk through the process of creating one called "My First CCXML Application."

In the final step of the process the tool automatically maps a phone number to the application and also creates a token for outbound calling. After we have set up the basic application, we can test it by calling the mapped phone number or use the outbound calling mechanism to have the Voxeo network call a number. In this case the application doesn't have a VoiceXML interface. We haven't yet connected the CCXML application with a VoiceXML document, we are just logging a text, which will be visible only to the backend application.

We can still test the tool using the Application Insight tool (which we had previewed in the last part of this review). We start by selecting the application that we had created earlier using the online Voxeo Account Manager and then clicking on one of the tasks (Overview, Monitor/Debug, Manage, Reports). In this case we select the Monitor/Debug task so that we can debug this application. We can either initiate the call using the included soft-phone or by calling the mapped number. In the message window we can see the "Hello World" message logged.

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This article was originally published on October 28, 2002

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