February 25, 2021
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Review: Voxeo Community

  • By Hitesh Seth
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Application Insight

Most of the capabilities of the Voxeo Community that we have explored in the last column are related to actually linking a VoiceXML URL-based application to a live phone or using its callback functionality. One of the key challenges faced by the VoiceXML development community is to be able to seamlessly debug the application, whether using a live phone or a desktop-based simulator. This capability has been incorporated in part by a number of hosted VoiceXML platforms into their web-based application. Application Insight, a new tool introduced by Voxeo Community as part of the "Technology Preview" release fills that gap.

First Looks

A nice feature of the Application Insight is that it uses the same repository as is used by the online community site. Using a loosely coupled cutting-edge web service-based architecture, (Application Insight communicates with the hosted community site using a set of web services), Application Insight provides a better and richer user interface for the VoiceXML developer. As shown below, the user logs on to his/her area of the community and then selects any of the applications that he/she wants to work on. Alternatively, a developer can also create a VoiceXML, CCXML or CallXML application directly within the tool's environment.

First Looks (click image to enlarge)
Select an Application (click image to enlarge)
Create an Application (click image to enlarge)

Application Management

Once a particular application has been selected or created, the application settings (including the main and failover URLs, redirect number; inbound telephone number and any outbound calling tokens) can be created and modified.

Application Overview - Session Summary & Chart

The Application Overview section is divided into two sections: session summary & chart. The former gives a list of the various calls/duration/caller-id etc. for the calls that have been made. For any recent call in progress, the "Last Message" field shows the progress of the application. This summary information is then linked with the actual debug log which drills into the complete or current execution log of the particular session. Session Chart gives a time-based call visualization of the various calls that have been made for the application, and can be used to infer the usage pattern of the application.

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This article was originally published on October 28, 2002

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