February 28, 2021
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VoiceXML Planet Conference & Expo: Sneak Preview, Part 2

  • By Hitesh Seth
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Real World VoiceXML Track

One of the things that we learned from our first conference (in March of 2002) is that a lot of attendees wanted to discuss and see case studies in which real world companies have utilized VoiceXML and developed interesting applications using the technology. In the Real World VoiceXML Track, our objective is exactly that. We start with adiscussion on how SIs and Services Providers can collaborate and providespecialized services and new business models using the flexibility provided byan open standard--VoiceXML.

We continue with case studies about the usage of VoiceXML in the transportationindustry where the technology provided unique benefits to its developers andusers. After lunch, the conference presents a rapid fire "VoiceXML Live!Demo hour" session, an opportunity to allow different presenters to showoff their VoiceXML-based applications. The theme that revolves around the innovative use of VoiceXML continues during the day with a discussion on how VoiceXML was utilizedby radio stations in answering their calls. 

Finally, if you are sitting on an idea for a great application where speechcan be utilized in your organization, but need a push to start that firstproject, the "Lessons  Learned from Your First VoiceXML Project"session is well suited for you to give that push. Discuss and take back first handtips from someone who already took that leap and is ready to discuss the experience withyou.

Day-2 at a glance

Please refer to the conferencewebsite for any additional information regarding the varioussessions/speakers. The table below provides a synopsis for the second day.

Keynote: W.S. "Ozzie" Osborne

Writing for the Ear Service Providers & VoiceXML 
VUI Design Best Practices Case Study: Enabling Speech for Transportation
Developing Better Grammars VoiceXML Live Demo Hour
Effective Dialog Design Case Study: Answering the Call for Radio Stations
Integrating VoiceXML & Voice over IP Networks Lessons Learnt from your first VoiceXML Project

See you there!

It is very encouraging to see the kind of ecosystem a standard such asVoiceXML can bring together. That finishes the conference preview folks. Anymore and I would probably be spilling the beans. For those of you who aregoing to be at the show, I look forward to seeing you there. Happy VoiceXML coding!


About Hitesh Seth

A freelance author and known speaker, Hitesh is a columnist on VoiceXML technology in XML Journal and regularly writes for other technology publications including Java Developers Journal, Web Services Journal and The Computer Bulletin on emerging technology topics such as J2EE, Microsoft .NET, XML, Wireless Computing, Speech Applications, Web Services & Enterprise/B2B Integration. He is theconference chair for VoiceXMLPlanet Conference & Expo. Hitesh received his Bachelors Degree from the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IITK), India. Feel free to email any comments or suggestions about the articles featured in this column at hks@hiteshseth.com.

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This article was originally published on September 21, 2002

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