March 3, 2021
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Review: Oracle 9iAS Mobile Studio (Part I)

  • By Hitesh Seth
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Develop a new multi-channel application

To configure a new application, we'll need to click on the New Application icon and provide basic information about the application that we want to build. We will create a new application called "Hello" and point it to an XML file that we previously developed. Once we are finished providing the basic parameters, the application is configured and is shown as part of the studio.

"Calling your application" - Using your phone to test your application

Okay, now that you have developed your multi-channel XML-based application, you can test your Voice application with the hosted Voice portal using the phone number provided by Oracle Mobile: (877)672-0807. A typical conversation with the Studio would go something like this:

  • User: Dials 1-877-672-0807
  • Oracle Mobile Studio: Welcome to the Oracle Mobile Online Studio. Enter your account number or say help
  • User: 7325845940 (the user says or enters their account number)
  • Oracle Mobile Studio: Enter your pin
  • User: nnnn (the user says or enters their 4 digit PIN.
  • Oracle Mobile Studio: Please wait while your account number and pin are verified
  • Oracle Mobile Studio: Your options are... (lists your application)
  • User: Hello (selects an application)
  • Oracle Mobile Studio:
    Hello World from Oracle Mobile Studio! (creates a voice interface to your multi-channel XML application)
    You may hang up or say main menu...

International users can use the corresponding non-toll-free number: (650) 607-1039.

Test the application in a wireless device

To illustrate that the application we have created is truly multi-channel, let's see if we can view the same application on a wireless device.

The screenshot above shows the same Hello application running as part of a WAP-based micro-browser in a cell-phone simulator. We have used Openwave SDK to test the same.

To be Continued

In our continuation of this review of Oracle Mobile Studio, next week we will look at some of other constructs that are available which allow adding interaction to our multi-channel applications.


About Hitesh Seth

Hitesh Seth is Chief Technology Evangelist for Silverline Technologies, a global eBusiness and mobile solutions consulting and integration services firm. He is a columnist on VoiceXML technology in XML Journal and regularly writes for other technology publications including Java Developer's Journal and Web Services Journal on technology topics such as J2EE, Microsoft .NET, XML, Wireless Computing, Speech Applications, Web Services & Integration. Hitesh received his Bachelors Degree from the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IITK), India. Feel free to email any comments or suggestions about the articles featured in this column at hks@hiteshseth.com.

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This article was originally published on December 16, 2002

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