February 26, 2021
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Konqeuror--KDE 2.0's New Web Browser, File Manager, and Much More

  • By Christopher Molnar
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Konqueror, the Text File Viewer

If you select a text file to view and click on it in Konqueror, the browser will open it in a read-only version of the Advanced Editor (KWrite). If you right-click on the file, you have the choice to display and open the file in a read/write mode of the editor. Remember, anything you do in the main Konqueror window is read-only. You must open the file specifically for read/write if you want to make changes and save them. This feature is for your safety, as well as ours.

Figure 3: Viewing text file contents.

Konqueror and Calendar Files

In the beginning of this article I mentioned that Konqueror can display schedule and calendar files. This is really a neat function. Figure 4 shows an example of that functionality.

Figure 4: Viewing the calendar.

This is particularly useful if you have a shared machine where several family members or employees keep their schedule files. Of course, while Konqueror will handle different file formats, the one displayed here comes from KOrganizer, the default organizer program of KDE 2.0.

Konqueror as POP Mail Reader

Ever want to check on your e-mail on a server without downloading a lot of messages over your cell phone connection? You know there's never anything but junk there anyway, but on the off chance that you may suddenly have a date on Saturday night, you want to take a look at your mail. OK, so enter your user name and POP mail server on the Konqueror command line. In the illustration it's pop3://molnarc@localhost (user name@popmailhost.domain). After you respond to the password prompt a window opens displaying the list of mail messages.

Now you have your message index. So, you want to see inside of one? Go ahead and click on a message. Here is what you will get:

Figure 5: Viewing a mail message with Konqueror.

Now, you can read your mail with a Web browser. Of course, I recommend using KMail since it is more adept at mail reading, but sometimes you don't want to download your mail onto another machine. This is a great way of reading your mail without downloading it.

Well, my 10 minutes of your time are up. But go on, explore and Konquer. Konqueror is more than a file manager, Web browser, or even a mail reader. It is only limited by your imagination. If you have any questions on the KDE applications please visit KDE's Web site at http://www.kde.org. Information on Linux-Mandrake is available at: http://www.mandrakesoft.com.

In my next article in the KDE series, we'll take a close look at the KOffice applications, which include KWord, KSpread, KPresenter, and KIllustrator.

About the Author

Christopher Molnar is MandrakeSoft's North American Training Coordinator and is based in Hartford, Conn., and Los Angeles . To contact the author via e-mail please use molnarc@mandrakesoft.com.

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This article was originally published on November 17, 2000

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