January 17, 2021
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A Java chip available -- now!

  • By Rick Brian Slack
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Current customers

Those using the new chip include the following.

Genroco, Inc., a builder of high-bandwidth, high data-transfer Fibre Channel, HIPPI, Ultra SCSI, and DVB products targeted for end use in digital video, 3-D seismic and satellite imaging applications. The PSC1000, embedded as a powerful Java-based microprocessor in a single computer interface circuit card developed by Genroco, Inc. will help support a new version of Oracle Corp.'s Oracle Video Server. The processor is considered an integral part of an interface card produced by Genroco for Oracle and several major platform vendors. "The PSC1000's stack-based architecture is best for real-time operating systems," said Genroco's chairman and CEO, Carl Pick, in explaining why his company chose the Patriot microprocessor as its engine. "With Patriot's processor, we have flexibility in tasking, as well as ultra-high-speed interfacing. It is the best choice for our real-time requirements based on its low cost, small size and high performance. The PSC1000 is the key component which will allow new Genroco modules to execute firmware over 20 times faster than current offerings, allowing us to readily scale the technology from present gigabit to future gigabyte per second bandwidths."

Wind River Systems, Inc. has agreed to license its operating system technology to Patriot.

Olea Exhibits, Inc., a major producer of multimedia kiosks and interactive pavilions. Olea has placed an initial multi-million-dollar order with Patriot for multimedia controller modules, which Patriot will build utilizing the PSC1000 microprocessor. "We chose to work with Patriot to power our multimedia systems in part because of their ability to develop the necessary software and multimedia controllers but mainly because of the PSC1000 processor capabilities, low cost, and high performance," said Mark Olea, president of Olea Exhibits, Inc. "After evaluating numerous other controller options, we selected Patriot's unique, versatile microprocessor because it satisfies our need for C language as well as Java applications." Olea intends to use the multimedia controllers for DVD drives in kiosks that currently use a PC, replacing a Windows NT host for multimedia and communications systems. Future system functionality includes Internet access, services like lottery ticket purchases, providing information in multiple languages, presenting electronic brochures, and printing coupons, maps and directions. Additionally, Olea plans to build ATM and financial services kiosks with online video-teller services. Upcoming features for the multimedia and communications systems include interactive infrared cameras, temperature monitors for fire detection, motion sensors, and the ability to conduct mass-media marketing surveys.

Strategic alliances

Patriot has established several strategic alliances, including those with:

FORTH, Inc. to bring its well-accepted development tools to Patriot's powerful PSC1000 microprocessor for developers in the embedded and industrial application marketplace. "The PSC1000 is an extremely fast processor and its overall performance levels are superior to any microprocessor that we have tested in relation to our new software" (SwiftX integrated cross-development system), said FORTH, Inc.'s president, Elizabeth Rather. "This processor and our software are both based upon stack architectures, which makes the PSC1000 a perfect match for the FORTH language."

Wind River Systems, Inc., which has agreed to license its operating system technology to Patriot, allowing Patriot to optimize the technology for use with PersonalJava. Under this arrangement, Patriot will develop a unique Java-ready platform delivering solutions that are far easier to develop for and considerably less expensive than alternatives. Patriot will also make Wind River's operating system technology available on the PSC1000 for traditional embedded applications not utilizing Java. ''The combination of operating system technology from Wind River Systems with the PSC1000 processor offers a very powerful, low-cost platform for embedded applications,'' commented Dave Sheaffer, director of hardware platforms for Wind River Systems. ''Moreover, Patriot's implementation of PersonalJava provides value to systems designers developing products for the embedded Java space. Patriot Scientific was attracted to Wind River for its advanced Java support on non-Java processors. The licensing agreement with Patriot Scientific underscores our commitment to customers looking to deliver products utilizing Java in embedded applications,'' Sheaffer continued. ''As the industry leader, we are pleased to offer our customers -- in the consumer space and beyond -- continuous innovation for the efficient development of real-time embedded Java applications.''

Japan's Venture SystemLSI Assist Center (VSAC), which has licensed the PSC1000A Java microprocessor core for its library of semiconductor cores. This was one of VSAC's first selections, recognizing the huge potential in the Java-powered Internet appliances market. The agreement with VSAC, which is part of Japan's Electronics Industry Association and funded by the Japanese government, allows small- and medium-size Japanese electronics companies to design and build prototype integrated circuits utilizing the PSC1000A core without incurring up-front license fees. Japanese companies working with VSAC and using the PSC1000A core in their prototype designs will pay license fees and per-chip royalties to Patriot when they enter volume production. Patriot is providing VSAC with both hard and soft cores from the PSC1000A. Hard cores have hand-packed, optimized designs, making them extremely efficient in both size and performance. Soft cores, on the other hand, offer a great deal of flexibility in design and simulation.

Patriot distributors include Real Vision in Japan, Ineltek in Germany, and Pantek Technology in Taiwan.

Agranat Systems, which has ported its highly regarded Web server technology directly to Patriot's PSC1000 microprocessor. Agranat's EmWeb is the industry's leading embedded Web server and development architecture. Direct porting of the Web server software to the microprocessor eliminates the license cost and memory requirements of using a real-time operating system (RTOS), making this one of the lowest-cost embedded Web server hardware and software combinations on the market today. For customers requiring an RTOS in their applications, the EmWeb software can also run on top of Wind River's VxWorks RTOS, which has also been ported to the PSC1000.

Espial Group, Inc., in which that company's innovative software for EmbeddedJava and PersonalJava, including its industry-leading Java Web browser, will be driven by Patriot's powerful PSC1000.

Patriot distributors

Patriot distributors include Real Vision in Japan, Ineltek in Germany and Austria, Pantek Technology in Taiwan, Integrated Electronics in Finland, Microtronics in Southeast Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia), Iridium Data in Israel and Acetronix in Korea.

Some information provided herein has been excerpted from Patriot Scientific's Web site. PSC1000 is a trademark of Patriot Scientific Corp. Any other brands and products mentioned are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. The PSC1000 Microprocessor is covered by U.S. patent number 5440749, issued August 8, 1995. Other U.S. and foreign patents pending.

About the author

Rick B. Slack's primary background has been in support roles in the aerospace industry, including assignments on the Trident missile system, space shuttle, and various satellite programs, as well as work on infrared detectors/sensors for various platforms. He also does business consulting, and research of up-and-coming technologies.

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This article was originally published on April 8, 1999

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