March 21, 2018
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Exploring the Android Speech API for Voice Recognition
Read about the Android Speech API, used for voice recognition, that automates recognition …

Using the Google Container Engine on the Google Cloud Platform
See how to set up the Google Container Engine so that you can use it to run Jenkins.

Understanding Java Wrapper Classes
Learn more about the classes provided in the standard API library.

Developer Productivity: Managing Cycle Times in Iterative Development
Look into the concept of iterations, and that how quickly we cycle can make a big …

Developer Productivity: Ensuring Productive Meetings
Meetings are most productive when only the necessary participants attend. Can your …

Five Factors that Make Good Developers Great
The public perception of development has dramatically changed, with programmers seen as …

Re-engineering Legacy Software: Deciding the Project Scope
The most important thing to do before embarking on a major software project is to make …

Docker: Build Use-case-appropriate Containers
Docker hits a sweet spot with the default container construction. It provides reasonable …

Real-World Machine Learning: Model Evaluation and Optimization
Learn about difficulties that arise when evaluating Machine Learning models.

The Four-Step Process for Effective Technical Interviews
Learn the finer points on how, and how not, to interview a prospective employee.

The App Developer Checklist: Seven Ways to Design Your App for Virality
If you follow this checklist, you'll ensure that the tools for viral growth are seamlessly …

Developers: Tips for Creating Your First Product
As a developer, learn what you need to know to create your own first product.

Six Things Every Developer Should Know to Stay Current
Sometimes, trying to figure out what you need to do to stay relevant is difficult. This …

Lesson Learned: How to Organize a Productive Developer Meeting
Master the methodology and run meetings that are both productive and enjoyable.

Lessons Learned: Effective Change Management, Part 1
Change Management is often ignored by development folks and left to the likes of Project …

Understanding Database Normalization
If your database isn't properly normalized, it's hard to maintain. Worse yet, it can't …

Akka in Action: Let it Crash
Building a Fault-Tolerant Application with plain old objects and exception handling is …

The API Field of Dreams: Build It [Correctly] and They Will Come
You want to build an API that will make people come BACK to it again and again. Collect …

Machine Learning Has Big Implications for Coders
Programs should strive to incorporate machine learning into their development efforts and …

Top 10 Best Practices for Building Responsive Web Apps
Learn about the best practices for responsive web design how to achieve a great-looking …

Top 10 Best Practices for Code QA
Explore the best practices to use while writing code to improve code quality and developer …

Managing the Testing of Your App Using Visual Studio Online
Learn the basics of using Visual Studio Online to manage the testing of your applications.

Instant Push Notification in the Enterprise
What happens when you have the ability to get instant push notifications along with …

The Developer Cloud: 5 Tips for a Secure Environment
Many developers remain wary about putting their hard work into the cloud. Here are five of …

Data Quality for a Modern Data Warehouse
Use data quality services (DQS) for cleansing and matching source data via business rules.

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