January 27, 2020
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An Introduction to the Java Security API
Java provides many options and features that make applications more secure. Learn about …

Ten Security Issues Developers Overlook While Developing Apps
Hundreds of thousands of mobile applications are downloaded by Internet users every day. …

Securing the Software Development Process
Probe various ways that security can be incorporated into all aspects of the software …

Top Five Security Practices for Automating DB Changes
Automating your database is almost a necessity in these fast-paced days. Read up on some …

How to Bypass Accessibility Checks Through Reflection in Java
In my humble opinion, security is a farce. The most secure code is the code that you have …

Understanding Security Management with the Azure API
See how different security scenarios are exposed in Azure APIs.

Dealing with Privacy Principles with Regards to Mobile App Development
Making sure that your mobile apps offer both security and privacy for the end user are …

Don’t be Stupid with Customer Data
Do you know what your employees are doing with customer data? Do you how they are getting …

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