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VivifyScrum Project Management tool

VivifyScrum is Agile project management software that offers a full set of features to help project managers manage software development projects in one place. To help you determine if VivifyScrum is an ideal fit for your development team, we will take a closer look at its top features and benefits, where it falls short, and its pricing.

What is VivifyScrum Project Management Software?

VivifyScrum Project Management

As mentioned in the intro, VivifyScrum prides itself on being a project management software solution for development teams that employ the Agile methodology. The web-based tool is an all-in-one solution that eliminates the need to have separate apps for managing teams and projects, collaboration, invoicing, etc. As such, it can help you streamline your processes, keep everyone on the same page, and reduce errors that can negatively impact your productivity and bottom line.

You can learn more about the Agile methodology in our tutorial: Intro to Agile Software Development.

Benefits of VivifyScrum Project Management Tool

VivifyScrum was made with Agile development teams in mind, but as you are about to see, its top features and benefits can help teams that employ other project management methodologies as well.

  • Ideal for teams that prefer the Agile methodology.
  • Very affordable for small teams of 10 or fewer people, especially when compared to some of its competitors (see below).
  • Each paid plan gives you unlimited Scrum and Kanban boards, tasks, and items, eliminating the need to upgrade as you scale.
  • A clean and eye-catching user interface that many say is intuitive and easy to get used to.
  • Boards feature custom workflows you can gear toward your team’s unique needs.
  • VivifyScrum gives you the power to set up projects as advanced or simple as you would like them to be. Whether it is a simple Kanban board or a fully customized Scrum board, you can get it here and start collaborating with your team within minutes.
  • Kanban boards have customizable columns or development stages, and you can set Work In Progress limits to ensure your team does not get overwhelmed.
  • Instant updates whenever changes are made to a board help keep everyone on the same page.
  • Getting started is as simple as creating a new Scrum or Kanban board, inviting team members, and adding items to your board.
  • You can create highly-detailed tasks by adding comments, documents, and links.
  • An ability to prioritize tasks so you can reach your goals.
  • Eliminates the need for a separate invoicing system or software. You can create branded invoices or use templates to save time, send them to clients, and track payments without leaving the app.
  • Four default permissions (owner, admin, member, guest) and unlimited custom permissions give you complete control over who sees what.
  • Flexible time tracking available through item cards, desktop apps, or Chrome extension lets you automatically log hours spent on a task. You can also add time manually. The time tracker’s data can be used for creating reports and invoices.
  • Burndown charts that show how much work is left for a sprint to be completed and predict when your goal will be achieved, plus other helpful stats and reports like type statistics, countdown (the days passed and days remaining until the sprint ends), and worklog charts (each team member’s logged time in a sprint) give greater insight into progress.
  • The team management feature gives you insight into what team members are available, who has requested time off, who is overloaded, etc., so you can delegate work accordingly.
  • VivifyScrum EDU offers free Scrum training for those with an account.

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Disadvantages of VivifyScrum Project Management Tool

VivifyScrum Project Management

VivifyScrum certainly has its pros, as shown above. But where does the PM software fall short? Have a look:

  • While some project managers say VivifyScrum is intuitive and user-friendly, others say it is not, and it takes a while to find the features you are looking for. Your mileage may vary.
  • The search feature could be better.
  • Reporting is somewhat limited.
  • Calendar integration is lacking.
  • No Gantt charts.
  • A free version would be an excellent addition, even if it had just the basic features.

Are those reasons enough to abandon VivifyScrum and look elsewhere for your project management needs? Not necessarily, but it would be ideal if the software included some of its missing features in the future, especially Gantt charts and calendar integration.

If Gantt charts are a must have feature for your project management needs, check out our article: TeamGantt Project Management Review for a better option.

VivifyScrum Pricing: How Much Does VivifyScrum Cost?

VivifyScrum does not have a free plan, which is a bummer if you have been shopping around and noticed that many PM software solutions offer free forever plans with basic features.

However, it lets you sign up for a free seven-day trial with its three most popular plans without having to input your credit card information.

There are four paid plans to choose from. Each offers unlimited workspaces, tasks, and boards and differs according to team size. As a plus, the four paid plans come complete with all of VivifyScrum’s features.

The Starter plan was made for teams with up to 10 members. It costs $96 per year or $10 per month for your entire team. As mentioned, the Starter plan, like all VivifyScrum’s offerings, comes with all of the PM software’s features and unlimited workspaces, boards, and tasks.

If your team has between 11 and 50 members, VivifyScrum’s Standard plan is what you will need. It costs $4.80 per user, per month with annual billing or $6 per user, per month with monthly billing. If you have between 51 to 100 team members, the Growth plan is made for you. It costs $4 per user, per month, billed annually, and $5 per user, per month billed monthly.

Does your software development team have over 100 members? Then pick the Enterprise plan from VivifyScrum. It is made for organizations with more advanced security and scaling needs requiring custom development. Contact the VivifyScrum sales team for Enterprise plan pricing.

How does VivifyScrum stack up to the competition in terms of pricing? The company answers that question on its pricing page by comparing the Starter plan ($96 per year for up to 10 team members) to other popular PM software. And, as you look at the numbers, it becomes evident that VivifyScrum is quite affordable:

VivifyScrum: $96 per year for 10 users versus:

    • Asana ($1,318 per year for 10 users)
    • Jira ($700 per year for 10 users)
    • ($948 per year for 10 users)
    • Trello ($1,198 per year for 10 users)

As you can see, several of VivifyScrum’s top competitors cost nearly 10 times (or more) what the PM software charges, so if you need an affordable solution for project management, you may not have to look any further.

Alternatives to VivifyScrum Project Management Software

Still not convinced VivifyScrum is the right project management tool for your software development team? Check out our list of the Best Project Management Software and Tools for Developers for more options.

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