Project ManagementThe 5 Intangibles That Get Developers Hired

The 5 Intangibles That Get Developers Hired

Any developer job listing will tell you the specific skills required for the position, but the must-have qualities that hiring managers are after — the “intangibles” — are not always as explicitly stated. has spoken with hiring managers from around the country to find the five often unwritten qualities they look for in developer candidates. They write:

What’s missing on many job announcements in the industry are qualities — not developer job skills or IT degrees — that people who are in charge of hiring developers agree upon. Though the names might vary slightly, this list incorporates elements from a number of lists and descriptions to create the five qualities every hiring manager wants in a developer.

Of course, a company’s hiring philosophy dictates what is valued in a developer candidate, but these intangible qualities seem to be universally appreciated.

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5 Qualities Every Hiring Manager Wants in a Developer

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