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ProWorkflow is software used across various industries for task, contact, and project management, time tracking, reporting, and more. While popular with marketing, government education, and health organizations, ProWorkflow is heavily used in the technology sector to benefit project managers, developers, web designers, and IT-based businesses.

In this project management tool review, we break down ProWorkflow in terms of its features, pricing, advantages, and disadvantages. We will also reveal some ProWorkflow alternatives so you can pick the right project management software for your development team.

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Overview of ProWorkflow

The ProWorkflow brand got its name from two primary takeaways its owners had from past and current business experiences: “Professionals need Work to Flow” and “Projects need Workflow.” The tool uses orange as its primary color because it thinks of the PM software as “vitamin C for your business.” Meanwhile, the cogs logo was chosen to represent productivity.

Since its inception in 2002, ProWorkflow has helped many businesses in various industries decrease waste and increase productivity in their daily operations. Specifically, the PM software has resulted in nearly 2.5 million projects made, over 17 million tasks created, and over 39 million hours tracked, and it is particularly helpful for remote development teams seeking collaboration and several time-saving features.

Features of ProWorkflow

Project managers of software development teams and developers can look forward to a ton of tools when using ProWorkflow. Some of ProWorkflow’s top features include:

  • Project dashboards
  • Gantt charts
  • Task management
  • Contact management
  • Workflow management
  • Collaboration
  • File sharing
  • Time tracking
  • Resource management
  • Templates
  • Reporting
  • Invoicing
  • Integrations

Project Dashboards

Proworkflow Review

Development team managers can get an instant workflow overview through ProWorkflow’s project dashboards. This home page of sorts displays a graphical summary of current stats, color-coded project and task progress, and recent activity.

Gantt Charts

ProWorkflow Gantt Charts

Interactive Gantt charts provide a timeline view of all your projects and tasks, and you can use filters to see desired data quickly. Color-coded bars signify tasks in progress, at risk, or completed.

Task Management

ProWorkflow Task Manager

The task manager feature acts like ProWorkflow’s to-do list. The user-friendly interface makes it simple to create new tasks or subtasks and dependencies or hierarchies. Developers can send messages within tasks, attach documents, and track time.

Contact Management

ProWorkflow Contact Manager

Project managers can convert ProWorkflow into a lightweight CRM to set up client profiles, add details, view current and past tasks/projects for each, and gain performance insights.

Workflow Management

Project managers can ensure their development team operates efficiently via various workflow management features. The workload breakdown report identifies overloaded or underworked staff. The timeline offers insight into projects and tasks that you can drag and drop to adjust on the fly and achieve instant workload calculations. Within the dashboard, there is also a staff view to see who is logged in and what they are working on.


Many feel that ProWorkflow’s collaboration is its top feature. The PM software offers built-in messaging with file attachments, private or public sharing, email replies, threaded discussions, notification alerts, and a WYSIWYG editor.

File Sharing

File management and sharing are as simple as can be in ProWorkflow. You can upload and share files via projects and tasks, drag and drop them from your desktop, and use the File Space Manager to take inventory of what you have. ProWorkflow also integrates with apps like Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc., to extend storage even more.

Time Tracking

ProWorkflow Time Tracker

ProWorkflow offers various avenues to track time. There is a live time tracker, manual time entry per task, timesheets, or the mobile app to track time on the go.

Resource Management

ProWorkflow Resource Management

ProWorkflow’s resource management lets project managers manage staff, clients, and contractors in multiple ways. The PM software has permissions, a weekly workload app, and an availability checker app to get the most out of resources or personnel.


Creating tasks, projects, quotes, and invoices in ProWorkflow is streamlined through templates. All it takes is a few clicks and seconds to create what you need. Each template can be tweaked to fit your specific needs.


ProWorkflow features a custom reporting tool that puts project managers in control of what data they see. And if you are not ready to create custom reports, ProWorkflow offers standard reports on performance, workload, finances, tasks, projects, time, staff, and clients that can be easily exported.


Invoices can be generated based on milestones, projects, quotes, or clients. Once an invoice is created, you can send it to your preferred accounting tool to request payment.


ProWorkflow integrates with plenty of third-party tools to give project managers and developers extended functionality, including Google Workspace, Zapier, Microsoft OneDrive, QuickBooks, and more.

ProWorkflow Pricing

ProWorkflow has two pricing tiers that project managers or developers can choose from. Unlike many other PM software solutions, ProWorkflow does not have a free forever plan. However, it has a free trial and an option to book a demo. Pricing is based on monthly or annual plans. Opt for annual pricing, and you can enjoy a 10 percent discount.

How much does ProWorkflow cost? Here are its three pricing tiers:

  • Professional: $20 per user, per month.
  • Advanced: $30 per user, per month.
  • Enterprise: Contact sales for information.

The Professional plan is ProWorkflow’s most popular offering. It offers comprehensive features for project, task, and time management, including unlimited projects, 25GB of file storage, invoicing, reporting, and more.

The Advanced plan is for larger teams with a minimum of five members. It can help project managers manage multiple development teams and groups. Some of the Advanced plan’s highlights include 50GB of file storage, custom fields and forms, project templates, and extra administrative features.

You can see all the details of ProWorkflow’s pricing here.

Advantages of ProWorkflow

ProWorkflow has several pros that could attract project managers and development teams, such as:

  • User-friendliness
  • Tons of features
  • Workload management
  • Solid security

While it boasts many features, ProWorkflow makes it easy to navigate and find each, thanks to a user-friendly dashboard. The workload management is a significant plus for avoiding overworked and unhappy development team members, and its time tracking offers plenty of insights.

ProWorkflow also offers solid security via permissions, sharing restrictions, audit logs, encrypted transactions, 128-bit SSL certificates, SAML-based authentication, and more.

Disadvantages of ProWorkflow

While strong in many areas, ProWorkflow does have some disadvantages, including:

  • No free plan
  • Limited pricing options
  • Limited integrations

The lack of a free forever plan is surprising since many other PM software solutions offer such options. The cheapest plan is $20 per user, per month, making ProWorkflow rather pricey. And, in terms of integrations with third-party apps, ProWorkflow could use a lot more direct ones that do not require Zapier.

Alternatives to ProWorkflow

If you find that ProWorkflow is not an ideal fit for your development team’s needs, look into these PM software alternatives:


Teamwork Project Management

Teamwork is PM software that can help project managers manage tasks and projects while collaborating with development team members and clients via a single solution. It offers plenty of direct integrations compared to ProWorkflow and has a free forever plan. The Starter plan costs around $6 per user, per month, which is much cheaper than ProWorkflow’s cheapest offering. You can learn more about Teamwork here.

Check out Teamwork Project Management Review for more information.


Wrike Dashboards

Wrike is one of the most popular PM software solutions for Agile development teams. Unlike ProWorkflow, it has a free forever plan and plenty of integrations with over 400 third-party apps. Its Team plan costs $9.80 per user, per month.

You can learn more about Wrike in our Wrike Project Management Software Review.


Basecamp Dashboard

Over 75,000 organizations, big and small, use Basecamp to manage their projects. While it does not have a free forever plan, Basecamp does beat ProWorkflow in terms of third-party integrations. Its base plan is also cheaper at $15 per user, per month, and Basecamp does not charge extra for guest access.

Read our Basecamp Project Management Tool Review for more about its pricing and features.

Final Thoughts on ProWorkflow

ProWorkflow is user-friendly, full of features, and secure. If you can get past its limited integrations or have a Zapier account and have a bit more room in your budget for its higher price, ProWorkflow is a solid choice as project management software for your development team.

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