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Nutcache and Airtable are two tools that can help project managers and their development teams collaborate, track time and progress, increase productivity, and more. Which is the better project management software solution for your development team’s needs? We will help you answer that question by looking at Nutcache and Airtable in terms of features, pricing, pros, cons, and differences.

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Nutcache Features

NutCache Project Management Tool Review

Nutcache has several project management features to help development teams prosper. Specifically, the software’s manufacturers claim that Nutcache can help businesses save “big time.” It does this through the following features, which we will discuss more in depth below:

  • Intuitive interface and dashboard
  • Detailed knowledge base
  • Task management
  • Advanced reporting
  • Built-in time tracking and timesheets

One way Nutcache achieves its goal of saving businesses time is through its intuitive interface and limited onboarding. Unlike more complex PM software that takes a ton of time to learn, even non-developers on your team with minimal technical knowledge can start using Nutcache will little worry.

NutCache Project Management Review

While most of Nutcache’s navigation and feature access is self-explanatory, it has a handy knowledge base with tutorials plus discussion forums to help, if needed. It also has a help center and customer support via email and social media.

Task management is strong in Nutcache. Project managers can create custom workflows, assign multiple development team members to a task, link dependencies, save time by duplicating recurring tasks, prioritize tasks, use custom fields, etc. Its project dashboards and reports help project managers see the big picture to make critical, data-driven decisions quickly. Nutcache also offers out-of-the-box time tracking and timesheets.

NutCache Time Tracking Tool

Project managers of development teams will have an easier time staying within budget with Nutcache’s project budgeting, expense management, and detailed reports. The PM software also makes it simple to invoice clients. Workload management for managing team capacity is another highlight, as are integrations with GitHub, Slack, and Google tools, plus a collaboration module.

Nutcache Pricing

Nutcache gives developers and project managers three pricing plans to choose from. Pay annually, and you can enjoy a 10 percent discount:

  • Pro: $12.49 per user, per month.
  • Enterprise: $21.49 per user, per month.
  • Corporate: Contact Nutcache for custom pricing.

Nutcache used to be known for having a solid free version. Unfortunately, that no longer seems to be the case, as the pricing page does not list a free option. However, you can get a free demo for the Pro and Enterprise plans, with no credit card required.

The Pro plan supports unlimited users and offers Gantt charts, advanced time tracking, automation, budgeting, and invoicing. The Enterprise plan kicks things up a notch with team and workload management, custom security profiles, and a dedicated account manager. Choose the custom-priced Corporate plan, and you can enjoy enhanced scalability and security, plus Nutcache’s most advanced features.

Learn more about Nutcache’s pricing options.

Nutcache Pros

Nutcache is full of features, making it a comprehensive PM software solution for development teams seeking tons of functionality in one place. Best of all, the software makes it easy and intuitive to access those features, so if you are seeking something with limited onboarding, you will find it here.

Another Nutcache pro is its flexibility. The PM software does not limit you to one methodology. Instead, it offers custom, Agile, Kanban, and Scrum workflows. Task management is another Nutcache strength, as is the inclusion of expense management and invoicing.

Nutcache Cons

There are very few cons or disadvantages that come with Nutcache. Perhaps its biggest con is the lack of a free version, especially when it was one of the software’s top benefits a while back. The cheapest plan starts at $12.49 per user, per month, and to get the most out of Nutcache, you are looking at $21.49 per user, per month, which may be too high of a price point for some development teams with limited budgets.

Beyond pricing, some say that Nutcache, while user-friendly, could use an updated interface that is easier on the eyes. Lastly, time tracking in Nutcache, while a welcome inclusion, could be more robust.

You can learn more about Nutcache in our Nutcache Project Management Software Review.

Airtable Features

AirTable Project Management Software

Airtable is not only user-friendly but also easy on the eyes. The intuitive user interface looks great and offers color-coded priorities, category labels, and more that make everything make sense. Templates for product roadmap, Gantt, and product launch calendars accelerate setup too. In addition, Airtable has the following features:

  • Drag-and-drop interface designer
  • Many views and customizations
  • Custom time tracking
  • File sharing and collaboration built-in

The interface designer lets project managers and developers put a custom spin on the software. The drag-and-drop builder can make a custom interface in minutes that can also be shared without writing any code.

Airtable Project Management



There are plenty of views in Airtable for tracking progress, including form, grid, calendar, gallery, Gantt, Kanban, and timeline. It has custom time tracking to make it easy to allocate resources, budget reports, and extensions to help you create charts, graphs, etc., that make data more digestible.

Airtable Project Management

Collaboration in Airtable comes via task comments, team dashboards, and file sharing. There are custom automations to save time on frequent tasks, file storage for PDFs, videos, images, spreadsheets, real-time data sync from several sources, and integrations with Dropbox, Gmail, Slack, Trello, and more.

Airtable Pricing

Airtable gives project managers and their development teams four pricing plans to choose from. Choose annual billing to enjoy a 20 percent discount:

  • Free: Limited features at no cost.
  • Plus: $10 per seat, per month. Free trial available.
  • Pro: $20 per seat, per month. Free trial available.
  • Enterprise: Contact Airtable for custom pricing.

Small development teams or individual developers can use the Free version to get their feet wet with PM software. The Free plan supports up to five creators and unlimited read-only users and offers an interface designer, 1,200 records per base, and unlimited bases.

The Plus plan is geared towards development teams looking to manage workflows. It offers added integrations, 5,000 records per base, automatic table syncing, and more. The Pro plan is the most popular Airtable offering. It is for larger teams looking to enjoy advanced features like added extensions, 50,000 records per base, Gantt and timeline views, and field and table editing permissions. The Enterprise plan is for departments and organizations seeking top-notch scalability, security, and customization. It offers unlimited workspaces and extensions, advanced interface controls, 250,000 records per base, and more.

Learn more about Airtable’s pricing.

Airtable Pros

Airtable’s biggest pro is that it is easy to use. The user-friendly interface, easy-to-follow tutorials, and wide selection of templates minimize the need for onboarding or extensive setup. The Free plan is another Airtable pro, and the PM software also excels at tracking tasks.

Airtable Cons

Airtable’s biggest con or disadvantage is that the PM software simply lacks a ton of features like other options on the market. As such, the pricing can seem a bit high. And as you jump between pricing plans, you mostly unlock new usage caps for extensions, sync integrations, file storage, etc., versus getting more advanced features.

You can learn more about Airtables features and benefits in our Airtable Project Management Tool Review.

Nutcache and Airtable Differences

The most significant difference between Nutcache and Airtable is that the latter has a free forever version, while the former, for some reason, got rid of the one it had. Airtable is a bit cheaper and comes with tons of templates for quick starts, plus automation and a handy interface designer for complete customization.

Nutcache versus Airtable: The Verdict

Neither Nutcache nor Airtable is the most feature-rich PM software solution on the market. Still, they may suffice for your development team’s needs if you are looking for something user-friendly to track progress and keep everything organized.

If we had to pick one, Airtable would be the choice due to its variety of templates, Free plan, eye-catching interface, and multiple views.

Looking for other options outside of Nutcache and Airtable? Check out our list of the Best Project Management Software and Tools for Developers for more options.

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