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If your software development team has chosen as their preferred project management software, keep reading, as we will offer tips and tricks to get the most out of this reputable project management and collaboration platform.

What Is Dashboard is project management software that can be used across various industries to boost team organization, collaboration, and productivity. is quite popular with software development teams looking to manage tasks and projects, but it can also work wonders for teams based in marketing, sales, human resources, operations, and so forth.

Some of the biggest brands in the world use to help teams maximize their potential, such as Coca-Cola, Hulu, Universal Music Group, and Electronic Arts. One look at’s features, and it is easy to see why so many choose it for their project management needs:

  • Customizable dashboards
  • Document management
  • File sharing
  • Gantt charts
  • Integrations with over 40 highly-used third-party tools
  • Kanban boards
  • Multiple views, including timeline, calendar, and chart
  • Over 200 templates
  • Shareable forms
  • Time tracking
  • Time-saving automations
  • User-friendly interface
  • Whiteboard collaboration

If you do not currently use or are uncertain if you are using its full project management feature set, check out our cover of the popular PM tool in our tutorial: Project Management Software Review.

Tips And Tricks For

As you can see, has quite a list of features. But what good are they if developers do not know how to make the most of them? Here are some productivity-boosting and time-saving tips and tricks that can ensure your subscription to the software does not go to waste.

Save Time With Shortcuts

If you are going to be using on an everyday basis, the following keyboard shortcuts can come in handy. They can help developers avoid constant scrolling up and down the screen just to find an item, and they can make navigating’s intuitive interface a breeze.

You can access the complete keyboard shortcut menu via your account. All you have to do is go to the lower-left hand corner of your screen and find your profile picture. Click on it, then select Shortcuts from the pop-up menu. An even quicker way to access the shortcut menu is to type Shift ? on your keyboard. Tricks

As you access the keyboard shortcuts menu or cheat sheet, you will see two categories. The first is system navigation, which helps you jump around your account and the overall interface. The second is board navigation, which helps you get around a specific board. Here are some of the keyboard shortcut highlights that can save programmers and project managers time, make your user experience a pleasant one, and help you use the project management software like a pro:

  • Close item pages, dialog, or search: Esc (both Mac and PC)
  • Open or close navigation: Command+ (Mac); Ctrl+ (PC)
  • Navigate up/down/left/right: Use the corresponding arrow keys (similar to Excel)
  • Navigate to the next cell: Tab (both Mac and PC)
  • Navigate to the previous cell: Shift+Tab (both Mac and PC)
  • Open the column view: Space (both Mac and PC)
  • Search the board: Command+F (Mac); Ctrl+F (PC)
  • Copy a cell’s content: Command+C (Mac); Ctrl+C (PC)
  • Paste a cell’s content: Command+V (Mac); Ctrl+V (PC)
  • Cut a cell’s content: Command+X (Mac); Ctrl+X (PC)

Quickly Switch Between Boards

Here is another shortcut that deserves its own section. The Quick Search function lets project managers and developers seamlessly switch between dashboards, boards, docs, workspaces, and so on, in without having to execute a bunch of points and clicks with your mouse.

To use Quick Search for seamless switching, hit “Command+B” on your Mac or “Ctrl+B” on your PC. Then type in the name of the board you want to switch to. Tips

Minimize Distracting Notifications

One of the primary reasons why developers use project management software like is to increase focus and productivity. That can be hard to accomplish if you are constantly inundated with notifications, which is why you are probably best served to turn off as many as possible by doing the following:

  • Edit your bell notification settings
  • Mute notifications on specific boards
  • Unfollow conversations that do not pertain to you
  • Delete yourself as a board member from boards that are nonessential
  • Exit from items

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Sync Items To Your Google Calendar

Are you tired of having to manually create calendar events that correspond to your busy schedule? Sync your items to your Google Calendar via, and you can avoid that time-consuming task by eliminating the need to constantly jump between apps just to figure out what is on your upcoming agenda.

You can sync your Google Calendar in by:

  • Going to your board
  • Clicking the drop-down arrow beside the Date column next to your tasks (it should be on the right-hand side of the page)
  • Clicking on Settings
  • Clicking on Customize Date column
  • Clicking on Sync next to Google Calendar Google Calendar Integration

Update Multiple Tasks Simultaneously

Manually updating many tasks in can gobble up a ton of your time. That is why developers should update multiple items simultaneously, which you can do by:

  • Going to your board
  • Selecting all items
  • Updating them as needed

Use Integrations To Boost Collaboration

One of the biggest benefits provided by PM software like is that it gives you all the tools you need to succeed in one place. With, you can stop switching between apps to send emails, do video calls, manage tasks, and the like. In doing so, project managers, developers, and stakeholders can feel organized, better connected to your projects, and less likely to let important info slip through the cracks.

While has several collaborative features of its own, you can extend the software’s functionality via integrations that connect it with third-party apps like Gmail, Slack, Zoom, etc. In doing so, you can ensure team members and clients get all the info they need without having to manually send out separate messages. Integrate with Slack, for instance, and each update or comment made through the messaging app on will automatically get sent to whoever needs to see it.

Does integrate with every popular third-party app right out of the box? No, but you can work around this by using a platform like that can connect your favorite apps to, so you do not miss a beat.

Keep A Close Eye On Your Dashboards

Project management software like can keep you organized and productive, but it also gives you greater insight into progress and what needs to be fixed. Dashboards in offer this functionality, so use them frequently to dive into deep detail regarding your projects’ resources, budget, schedules, goals, and so forth.

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Avoid Overwhelm With The Workload View Workload View

If you are leading a team of developers, can help you avoid overloading certain workers to the point that it stunts your organization’s progress. With the Workload View, you can see what individual team members have on their plate, plus related deadlines, so that you can adjust workloads accordingly.

Pick The Best View For Mobile

Developers using on the go will have many viewing options through the software’s mobile app, but if you had to pick the best one, you cannot go wrong with the Table View. It is widely regarded as the best view for mobile. Not only that, but the Table View is also most often used by developers and not project managers, as it lets each individual see what tasks they must complete and by when.

If you are a developer planning to use the Table View in, be sure to use the filtering options above. They will let you quickly filter your name to see the tasks you are responsible for. Beyond that, you can filter according to priority to see the order in which you should complete the tasks. Alternatives

Looking for an alternative to or looking to add some additional collaboration tools to your software development team’s arsenal? Check out our tutorial, Project Management Alternatives for more options.

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