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MeisterTask is project management software that helps medium-sized Agile and remote development teams stay on top of tasks via Kanban-style boards, timelines, downloadable reports, time tracking, and more. While the PM software has several features to make it worth your while, we will discuss the following MeisterTask alternatives in this guide in terms of features, pros, cons, and pricing so you can shop around:

  • GanttPro, ideal for collaborating within small software development teams.
  • ProofHub, a full-featured PM software solution with an affordable flat pricing model.
  • Monday, a superb option for Agile development teams of varying sizes.

Before we get started, be sure to check out our MeisterTask Project Management Review to make sure you are taking advantage of all of MeisterTask’s features.


GanttPro Gantt Chart Tool

GanttPRO is project management software that is based on Gantt charts. Small IT and software development teams can use the MeisterTask alternative to coordinate and collaborate all in one place without having to switch between multiple apps.

GanttPRO Features

Small software development teams can boost efficiency through GanttPRO’s features that are highlighted by:

  • Gantt charts and Kanban boards
  • Critical path
  • Workload management
  • In-depth collaboration

GanttPRO offers detailed task tracking with subtasks, milestones, dependencies, priority levels, and more. Tasks are tracked by default through drag-and-drop Gantt charts, but you can switch to Kanban boards for a different perspective. Stick to the Gantt chart view, and you can leverage the critical path feature to see what tasks are essential and must be prioritized for project success.

GanttPRO’s workload management view prevents you from overloading certain team members and stunting progress, and the software lets developers collaborate through comments, mentions, attachments, real-time data synchronization, and email and push notifications.

GanttPRO Pros:

  • Easy setup
  • Modern interface
  • Time tracking
  • Workload view

It does not take much to get going with GanttPRO, which is a plus for development teams seeking minimal onboarding. The modern interface is nice to look at and user-friendly, too. Time tracking out of the box is a plus, as is the workload view to see who has enough work and who could take on more responsibility.

GanttPRO Cons:

  • Light on integrations
  • Limited reporting
  • No free plan
  • No billing or invoicing

GanttPRO lags behind other PM software with limited third-party integrations. Its reporting only comes in the form of budget analysis, and some may find themselves yearning for a free plan. Those looking for financial features will be disappointed to learn that GanttPRO lacks billing and invoicing.

GanttPRO Pricing

GanttPRO’s four pricing plans are as follows:

  • Basic
  • PRO
  • Business
  • Enterprise

Smaller teams can pay $7.99 per user, per month for the Basic plan that offers the software’s ground-level features for project management. The PRO plan can help teams automate and streamline work for $12.99 per user, per month. Teams needing to optimize resources can use the Business plan for $19.99 per user, per month, while larger organizations needing enhanced control, security, and support can get the custom-priced Enterprise plan.


ProofHub project management software

ProofHub is user-friendly, feature-rich PM software. Google, Netflix, NASA, and over 85,000 teams across the globe use this MeisterTask alternative to collaborate and manage projects, and its flat pricing model makes it attainable for budgets of all sizes.

ProofHub Features

Even the most demanding project managers will be pleased with ProofHub’s full set of features. Beyond its intuitive and user-friendly interface, advanced search, and custom roles, ProofHub offers:

  • File management
  • Online proofing
  • Task management
  • Varied collaboration

ProofHub’s file management and online proofing are a pair of features that MeisterTask lacks.

Those two collaborative highlights are not the only ways you can communicate and work with your team, though, as ProofHub also offers a voice announcement feature, online discussions with mentions, chat with direct messaging, and file sharing. And in terms of task management, the PM software lets you assign tasks to specific team members, divide them into subtasks, and prioritize which need the most attention.

ProofHub Pros:

  • Seamless task management
  • Custom reports
  • Extensive collaboration
  • Flat pricing

Unlike other PM software, ProofHub makes it super simple to manage tasks and ensure nothing slips through the cracks. Its custom reports give you a heads-up when something needs to be adjusted on the fly to reach deadlines, and the aforementioned collaborative features are tough to beat. ProofHub also has a flat pricing model that does not charge per user. This can make it surprisingly affordable for larger teams.

ProofHub Cons:

  • Project board customization
  • Integrations
  • Notification management
  • No free version

ProofHub offers customization with reports, fields, roles, etc., but customizing its project boards is another story. For such a feature-rich PM solution, ProofHub is light on third-party integrations. Managing notifications is a bit of a pain that can lead to distractions, and the lack of a free plan is another disadvantage.

ProofHub Pricing

ProofHub has a pair of pricing plans:

  • Essential
  • Ultimate Control

Both plans use flat pricing that does not charge per-user fees like many other PM software on the market. The Essential plan costs $45 per month for unlimited users and offers ProofHub’s core features. The Ultimate Control plan costs $89 monthly for unlimited users and is ideal for working with remote teams and clients and those who need custom access roles. Dashboard is beginner-friendly project management software that can serve teams of all sizes and types. It is particularly helpful for Agile development teams thanks to a variety of features that can allow them to deliver higher-quality products faster. Features’s intuitive interface, solid integrations with tools like Gmail, Zoom, and Slack, and time tracking are just a sampling of what the PM software has to offer. The MeisterTask alternative also has:

  • Customizable dashboards
  • Pre-built templates
  • Multiple views
  • Custom automations’s dashboards can be customized with over 15 pre-built widgets to fit your unique needs. The dozens of pre-built templates can help development teams get started quicker, and the multiple views (calendar, custom, timeline, Kanban, Gantt) offer ultimate task insights and project visualization. Project managers seeking to save time will enjoy’s custom automations that come in handy with repetitive tasks. Pros:

  • Customization
  • Intuitive interface
  • Time tracking
  • Solid support

If you want control over your PM software, gives it via custom automations, dashboards, and views. The intuitive interface makes it easy to get acquainted with all of’s features, and time tracking out of the box, a feature many competitors lack, is a plus. also excels in supporting its clients. The 24/7 chat can save the day when you are stuck, as can the plethora of video tutorials on using the software. Cons:

  • Limited reporting
  • Task dependencies
  • Confusing collaboration
  • Cost

While strong in many areas, is light on reporting and task dependencies. Collaborating with teammates via the comment section can get confusing in larger teams, and pricing can get quite expensive as you add more seats or try to access more advanced features. Pricing

There are five pricing plans to choose from:

  • Free
  • Basic
  • Standard
  • Pro
  • Enterprise

Individuals can use the Free plan to track work for up to two seats. The Basic plan offers project management essentials at $8 per seat, per month. The popular Standard plan provides collaboration and optimization for $10 per seat, per month. For $16 per seat, per month, you can streamline complex workflows through the Pro plan. And if you need enterprise-grade features for automation, integration, and security, the Enterprise plan with custom pricing is your best bet.

How To Select Project Management Software

How can you tell if project management software like MeisterTask or one of its alternatives is right for your development team’s needs? By reviewing several factors, such as price (is there a free plan or trial?), and ensuring that other features are included, such as task management, resource management, time tracking, collaboration, automation, various views, customizable dashboards, real-time reporting, third-party integrations, etc. And if you have a development team looking to grow in the future, make sure the PM software is scalable.

Final Thoughts On MeisterTask Alternatives

Although MeisterTask has helped many Agile and remote development teams unlock their potential, you may not find it a right fit due to sometimes high pricing, a lack of views and custom statuses, and a clunky mobile app. Give the MeisterTask alternatives on the list a strong look, and you may be pleasantly surprised at how they fit your needs.

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