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Celoxis claims to be “the ultimate project management software.” Does it live up to that claim? We will let you decide by dishing the dirt on Celoxis in terms of its features, pricing, and pros and cons.

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Celoxis Project Management Features

Celoxis Project Management software

What features does Celoxis pack under the hood to help software development teams prosper and be more productive? We highlight some of the most important features for project managers and developers alike below.

Task Management

Celoxis Task Management

Celoxis excels at task management. The software lets you give each task a name, priority rating, description, start and end dates, plus a budget. Project managers can assign tasks for programmers and IT support staff, add comments, upload files, plus track their time by inputting it manually or using Celoxis’ handy in-app timer. And, if all of that is not enough and you still want more, Celoxis offers custom fields as well.


Celoxis has a bevy of features to help you collaborate with developers and stakeholders to ensure everyone is on the same page. You can hold discussions within tasks and use @mentions to refer to specific team members. There are notifications to make sure nothing essential slips through the cracks, and, if someone edits a task, you will get notified as such with plenty of detail, including who made the change. Celoxis also boosts collaboration and team communication through its activity stream, a shareable calendar, version control, and free client portals that you can customize to fit your team’s needs.


Celoxis Scheduling

Since no projects seem to go exactly as planned, you will be glad to know that Celoxis will automatically adjust schedules as deadlines change. This optional feature can be disabled with ease, but you may want to keep it enabled as it will keep everything in order by rescheduling tasks when employees take days off, holidays roll around, or extensions are required.

Resource Management

Are specific departments or team members overloaded with work, while others could handle more duties? Celoxis will help you figure it out with its resource management tables that will give you a glimpse into workload distribution. If problems arise, you will get instant overload alerts. For instance, if a developer is working on a specific module or patch, and the project is too large, a project manager would get alerted to the “roadblock” so they could shift resources to remove the blockage. You get similar capabilities for managing expenses, too, so you can avoid resource distribution issues.

Time Tracking

Measuring how long tasks take to complete is a cinch, thanks to Celoxis’ time-tracking capabilities. Each task has a timer. Once finished, programmers can input the task’s duration into the time log. You can also input the percentage completed to show task progress and see what remains.


Celoxis Project Management

Access the Reports dropdown menu, and project managers will see plenty of options to give you insight into project progress. Whether you are looking for project status, financials, revenue, or late tasks and incomplete timesheets, you can find all the reports you need here, download them as PDFs, plus schedule them to be delivered to multiple recipients via email.

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If you find some of Celoxis’ features to be lacking, you can extend the software’s functionality with third-party app integrations. Some of Celoxis’ most popular integrations include Slack, Trello, Outlook, Google Drive, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Project, Salesforce, and JIRA. Celoxis offers over 400 integrations, so chances are your favorite apps will be included.

Workflow Apps for Developers

Celoxis offers integrated workflow apps for risks, bugs, issues, change requests, etc., that you can use to track your processes and each step of the software development lifecycle. It also gives you the option to create your own workflow apps with routing rules, escalation policies, and custom fields.

How Much Does Celoxis Project Management Software Cost?

Unlike other project management software solutions that offer several pricing tiers, Celoxis chooses to keep it simple with the following offerings:

  • Cloud: $25 per user, per month when billed monthly ($22.50 per month if you select the annual payment option, five-user minimum)
  • On-premise: $450 per user (billed once with a five-user minimum)

Both offerings come with free support (on-premise offers free support for a year), plus free clients and virtual users. The cloud option gives you 2GB of file space per user, and on-premise comes with all upgrades. If you need more storage, you can get it for an extra $10 per 10GB per month.

The limited pricing options could be seen as good or bad, depending on your needs. While both unlock Celoxis’ complete set of features, you do not get to choose cheaper options that could lower the monthly per-user price as with other project management software. According to Celoxis, electing to offer a single low price (for either cloud or on-premise) gives your team full power and delivers the industry’s best return on investment.

Where does Celoxis’ pricing sit in terms of competitors? Right in the middle of the market.

Small businesses may choose low-cost PM software that costs around $10 per user, per month, such as Zoho Projects or GanttPro. Businesses with a bit more budget may select software like Celoxis, Smartsheet, or Wrike that costs around $15 to $35 per user, per month and offer unique features. Lastly, you have high-end PM software like LiquidPlanner and Mavenlink that can cost $40 per user, per month due to advanced features and the ability to handle massive projects and teams. Depending on who you ask, Celoxis could be seen as having middle-tier pricing with top-tier value due to all of its features.

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What are Celoxis’ Pros And Cons

Where does Celoxis excel, and where does it fall short? Have a look at these lists of Celoxis pros and cons:


  • Although Celoxis can be costlier per user with its monthly cloud plan, some could see it as a superb value since you unlock all of the software’s features for one price
  • Celoxis is easy to set up, and its interface is intuitive enough that beginners will not need much onboarding to get started
  • Tons of features for managing projects, resource management, portfolio management, workflows, resource management, etc.
  • Excellent collaboration via online discussions, version control, notifications, file sharing, activity stream, and free client portal
  • Integrated timesheets and expense module for tracking time, costs, and billing
  • Dynamic dashboards that offer real-time insights into your projects
  • Solid reporting
  • Burndown charts that show how much work is left to be done versus how much time is remaining


  • The lack of a free version prevents you from enjoying Celoxis’ most basic features without an investment. It does have a 30-day free trial, though
  • Some find the interface not to be too mobile-friendly, even though Celoxis boasts an optimized mobile interface that works with various operating systems
  • Support can be slow at times

Is Celoxis Project Management Right For Your Software Development Team?

Medium to large-sized teams may find Celoxis to be ideal project management software since it packs a value-filled punch. For $25 per user, per month with the cloud option, you get a ton of features that help you collaborate, get insights into how projects are progressing, and more. However, some smaller teams may find that a lot of the features are overkill, which may lead them to seek a simpler, less costly solution to manage their projects that offers more flexibility with pricing plans.

Other Project Management Software and Tools for Developers

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