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Axosoft calls itself “the Scrum software for Agile teams.” Does that mean that Axosoft is the right software for your development team? Only you can be the judge of that. But we will make your decision easier by dissecting Axosoft in terms of its features, benefits, disadvantages, pricing, and alternatives so you can make the proper project management software pick.

What Is Axosoft Scrum Project Management Software?

Axosoft Scrum Dashboard

Axosoft Scrum is software tailored to development teams that prefer to follow the Agile project management methodology. With it, development teams can plan sprints, visualize progress, and meet deadlines to release products with minimal delays. Project managers can use Axosoft’s complete set of features to ensure the right team members get assigned the proper tasks. And by also letting PMs prioritize tasks, they can ensure that their teams develop and release high-quality products at a quicker pace.

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Who Is Axosoft Scrum Project Management Software For?

Axosoft Scrum software can work wonders for teams of all sizes, but it is particularly helpful for developers seeking a tool for Agile project management. Although many small teams use Axosoft to track bugs and manage projects in the IT, software, technology, non-profit, and education sectors, some of the biggest names in the business use it as well, including IBM, Cisco, and Fujifilm.

Features of Axosoft Scrum Project Management Software

Axosoft packs a ton of tools into its feature set that can help support your Agile software development processes. Here are some of the highlights of this Scrum and bug tracking software.

Sprint And Release Planning

The Axosoft Release Planner gives project managers and developers instant insight into team, team member, and sprint capacity. Such insight makes efficient sprint and release planning a cinch and takes all of the guesswork out of assigning tasks. The Rank Mode lets you stack rank items according to priority in your backlog, and there is also an estimating feature that helps you estimate accurately via story points, minutes, hours, days, or weeks.

Interactive Kanban Boards

The Card View in Axosoft serves as a 100 percent interactive Kanban board. Project managers and dev teams can use the Card View to visualize progress and the status of items.

Each item card in the Kanban boards can be edited, and you can also view work-in-progress limits and insert work logs. Moving items from one step of your workflow to the next could not be easier, thanks to drag-and-drop functionality, and you can enable custom or ready-built workflows to enforce multiple processes in each project.

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Daily Scrum Mode

Management and development team members can stay in the loop via Daily Scrum Mode, which shares progress and potential obstacles.

Help Desk And Email Ticketing

Project managers with support teams can ensure workers never let a customer conversation or issue status slip through the cracks. This feature lets you track customers via ticket, convert emails into support incident tickets, and reply to emails or use time-saving canned responses from within Axosoft to save time and simplify customer support.

Wiki and Documentation

Axosoft Scrum project management tool

Developers can build Wiki pages in Axosoft for documentation, test cases, and user manuals. Those pages can then be linked to items for easy reference.

Reports And Progress Monitoring

Axosoft gives project managers plenty of tools to monitor progress so their development teams can release products punctually. Examples of tools and insightful reports at your disposal with Axosoft include item charts, burndown charts, speedometer, cycle time, work remaining, flow charts, projected ship date, and estimated versus actual. With such reporting, you can get an accurate idea of your team’s progress to see if performance is up to snuff or needs to be turned up a notch.


Axosoft integrates with several popular tools to help you expand its already impressive functionality even more. By putting all your favorite tools in one place, Axosoft solves the productivity and focus-killing issue of context switching that many developers struggle with.

Some of Axosoft’s integrations include Bitbucket, GitHub, GitLab, Google Calendar, Office 365, Slack, Trello, and Zapier.

Benefits of Axosoft Scrum Project Management Software

Axosoft helps Scrum and Agile adopters to plan and release highly-functional products with minimal delays, bugs, and roadblocks. It gives teams insight into their performance so they can adjust goals and deadlines accordingly, and the software also provides tracking technology and collaboration tools to keep everyone in the loop.

Axosoft’s main benefits are that it is user-friendly overall, highly scalable, and flexible. Some development teams will enjoy its pricing structure that unlocks all of the software’s features and only increases according to team size. Many developers have raved about Axosoft’s customization options, real-time project and sprint tracking, integrations, and the power it gives you to assess progress.

Disadvantages of Axosoft Scrum Project Management Software

While Axosoft has plenty of strengths, the Scrum project management software falls short in some areas, depending on who you ask. Some feel the interface could be more intuitive for PM software beginners. Others have reported slow performance at times. Lastly, getting a response from support may take some patience, which could be a huge knock on the software if you are looking for around-the-clock help should you run into any issues.

Axosoft Scrum Project Management Software Pricing

Axosoft’s pricing scales as the size of your development team grows, and the software comes via a hosted or installed solution. If you opt to have the software hosted by Axosoft, you can enjoy the complete set of features for $105 per month (billed annually) for five team members, which comes to $21 per user. As your team members increase, so will that monthly payment. For instance, 10 team members will cost you $210 per month with the annual subscription, while 15 team members will cost $315 per month, and so on.

Choose the installed solution, and Axosoft will cost $1,250 for five team members, $2,500 for ten team members, $3,750 for 15 team members, and so on. Those amounts include the Wiki and help desk. You will need to spend 35 percent of the configuration cost to renew your installed license each year. Axosoft has a draggable slider on its pricing page, so you can figure out your exact costs according to specific team size. And you can also take advantage of a free 14-day trial to give Axosoft a test drive with no credit card required.

Axosoft Scrum Project Management Software Alternatives

Axosoft is not the only project management software on the market that caters to Agile software development teams. Thus, if you want more options when shopping around or feel like the PM software falls short, give these Axosoft alternatives a look.

Zoho Sprints

Zoho Sprints Release Management

Smaller teams seeking a Scrum project management tool that is strong on collaborative features may find Zoho Sprints the perfect fit. It offers several ways to collaborate, plus customizable Scrum boards.

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Wrike Gantt Chart Tool

Growing teams who place a premium on customization should give Wrike a look as an Axosoft Scrum alternative. Wrike offers solid collaboration, customizable calendars and dashboards, Kanban boards, Gantt charts, sprint templates, project reports, and more.

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Jira Project Management Dashboard

Jira is a project management solution that is popular with the software development crowd, yet it is intuitive enough to let beginners use it to create automations without any coding knowledge. Jira’s highlights as an Axosoft alternative include customizable Kanban boards, native roadmaps, and reports that can be seamlessly shared with insiders and outsiders.

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Asana Project Management Review

Asana helps small businesses stay organized and productive via several Agile and Scrum-friendly features. Use the Axosoft Scrum alternative to create sprint plans, collaborate, and enjoy such highlights as Gantt charts, Kanban boards, timelines, product roadmap templates, and more.

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