March 1, 2021
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Review of SolutionCert 70-100 from Transcender

  • By Karl Moore
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In the programming world, many have grown accustomed to exam simulation software to help pass those Microsoft puzzlers. But just when you thought all was safe... the software giant release their Solutions 70-100 test. Move over cushy multi-choice, enter stage 'Case Study'...

The Solutions 70-100 exam is required for completion of both the Visual Basic and C++ routes of the MCSD qualification. And we're not talking easy multi-choice here, but case studies requiring you to arrange on-screen data-flow diagrams, produce entity-relationship drawings, prioritisation, organisation, blah, blah... all the stuff programmers hate.

Now when I first heard about this exam, I headed straight to my nearest digital bookstore and ordered the few guides available. In all honesty, they were about as effective as an alcoholic on University Challenge—containing nothing that even remotely resembled the demonstration test found on Microsoft's certification website.

So I, and numerous fellow geeks were stuck. What's to do? The new 'case study' format combined with the old multi-choice puzzlers was surely too difficult to throw into a reasonably priced exam simulation...

Or maybe not.

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This article was originally published on November 20, 2002

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