January 17, 2021
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Visual Basic Database Tutorial - Part 1

  • By Karl Moore
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Welcome to the very first part in this wizzy Visual Basic Database tutorial!

I'm your crackingly cool host, Karl Moore and over the next few weeks we'll be covering everything you ever wanted to know about databases, but were too afraid to ask.

Whether youre wanting a Christmas bonus or just need to boost your Visual Basic knowledge I'm here to help.

Don't forget that I love to hear feedback! Feel free to send me a message, abusive or otherwise by clicking on the "Post Feedback" link at the end of the page.

Now let's get that wizzo brain cap on as we prepare to answer the following searching questions:

  • Erm so what's a database?
  • Why don't those tables have any legs?
  • What's Microsoft Access got to do with it?
  • Why is the grass green?
  • How do I build my own mini database program in VB?
  • What is the meaning of life?

Well, let's get the philosophical stuff out of the way first. The meaning of life is 42 and grass is green 'cause all the other rainbow colours are absorbed and only the green reflected, a process known as subtractive colour mixing.

Ha - and they said this tutorial wasn't going to be interesting!

(Ed groans)

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This article was originally published on November 20, 2002

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