January 15, 2021
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Review: Tellme Studio (Part I)

  • By Hitesh Seth
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First Looks - Scratchpad

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The Scratchpad (shown above) is your entry point into the Tellme Studio. Typically, you would use the text-area of the Scratchpad and ad-hoc author (or use the magic of cut and paste) your VoiceXML document into this. Tellme supports VoiceXML 2.0 (draft version) based applications. A feature which I found useful for prototype purposes is the ability to create multiple scratchpads and store them as different names. If you have already configured an external web/application server you don't have to use the scratchpad you have to just point your entry application in the Application URL tool (shown below). One of the key highlights of the Tellme Studio tools is that every time you change the VoiceXML document or set the application URL, a built in content syntax validator validates the VoiceXML document for any errors.

Grammar Tools

It has been repeatedly pointed before and I would like to point it again - your application is as good as your grammar. Grammar development, testing and deployment is a critical aspect of your VoiceXML toolset. Tellme Studio provides a whole set of grammar tools for validation, phrase checking, phrase generator and a DTMF generator. Tellme Studio supports grammar development in both Nuances Grammar Specification Language (GSL) and the newly proposed W3C XML-based Grammar Format. Similar to the VoiceXML Scratchpad, you have a scratchpad for writing and testing grammars. Unlike the multiple scratchpads for VoiceXML content, however, grammar only has a single scratchpad.

Again, very similar to the Application URL exists a corresponding grammar tool for validating and debugging external grammars using the "Grammar URL" tool.  As in the VoiceXML Scratchpad, grammar validation is done every time you save the grammar or set the URL.

Now that you have developed a grammar, your next step would be to check it against a possible list of phrases. Grammar Phrase Checker allows you to check your grammar against any number of phrases.

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This article was originally published on October 6, 2002

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