January 17, 2021
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Connecting to IBM FileNet 4.0 Outside of a Java Application Server

  • By Anthony Lee
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The SSL line is needed only if WebSphere was configured with SSL enabled. The other three lines are mandatory to connect to WebSphere.

Executing the sample code will print the initialization logs to the console. From there, it will output any fatal exceptions. If the sample code runs successfully, the CE Document Class properties and PE queues you have configured will be shown in the console.

Click here for a larger image.

Figure 5: Output of Successful CE login and Retrieval of Document Properties

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Figure 6: Output of Successful PE login and Retrieval of Queues

Different Platforms

The different libraries and VM arguments required for running the sample code on another application server can be found in the FileNet ECM Help documentation under:

  • CE: http://{ECM Help}/nav/dev_ce_start.htm?../developer_help/content_engine_api/guide/gs_concepts.htm#gs_requirements
  • PE: http://{ECM Help}/nav/dev_pe_start.htm?../developer_help/process_java_api/guide/misc/install_pde.htm


I hope that this article has introduced you to the core elements of the IBM FileNet P8 4.0 Platform and its API. From here, you can become more familiar with the API and the flexibility it offers by exploring the ECM Help documentation.


  1. IBM BPM Article
  2. Wikipedia FileNet entry
  3. FileNet 4.0 System Overview
  4. ECM Help: This documentation is usually installed as a separate application on the same server as Workplace (http://{Workplace server}:{Workplace port}/ecm_help

About the Author

Anthony Lee is a Senior Consultant at Crowe Horwath. He has worked extensively with both Java and FileNet, and is a certified developer for both.

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This article was originally published on December 29, 2008

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