February 27, 2021
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Using Visual Studio Tools for Office in Visual Studio 2008

  • By M. Rajesh
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Right-click the project in Solution Explorer and click add new item and choose Dataset from the dialog box (see Figure 7).

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Figure 7: Adding a dataset to your project. This dataset will contain the query necessary for your application.

Now, you will see a blank window in which you can add a table (see Figure 8).

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Figure 8: After adding the dataset to the project, the Dataset Designer comes where you can add your tables and build up your query.

Add a tableadapter to it because you are referring to a single table. Right-click the empty space in the middle window and then select TableAdapter from the pop up menu. You will be presented with a dialog box wizard to select the Data connection, as shown in Figure 9. Open the drop-down list box and you will see that the connection that you created recently is seen. Select that and click Next. Complete the rest of the wizard and make sure that you select only the Customers Table (see Figure 10) and nothing else.

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Figure 9: Walking through the Wizard to add and configure a Table Adapter.

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Figure 10: Add only the table Customers to the Table Adapter.

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This article was originally published on April 28, 2008

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