January 17, 2021
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Security Certifications: Qualifying Yourself for System Defense

  • By Steve Rowe
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You get an alert and then find out that your audit logs are screaming at you! There is a renegade IP address on the loose and the person behind this breach of security is certainly up to no good. What do you do? How could this happen? Silly as it may sound in this example, system administrators can rest assured that security breaches can and do happen.

There are competitors who would love to get their hands on your mission-critical business plans and documents. There are disgruntled employees who would enjoy wreaking havoc on their former employer's systems. One must also find defenses for the casual hacker who is out just to find systems they can break into for fun or out of curiosity. As an IT professional, do you have the skill set to design, implement, configure, and monitor a security implementation that effectively guards your network infrastructure, Web sites, and even physical grounds? Do you have the necessary training to effectively respond when a security breach has occurred? Can you prove to prospective employers that you have the knowledge and ability to implement security infrastructures that will effectively guard their critical business data? Having at least one security certification to your credit will validate your abilities and knowledge levels for implementing and managing effective security plans.

What security certifications are available? Which certifications are right for your career? This area of certification is one of the fastest growing areas of IT certification, and you have choices between general security certification tracks and security certifications centered on specific products. In this article you will explore some of the most popular security certification tracks and exams, such as Security+, TICSA, CISSP, SANS, Check Point, Cisco Security, and Microsoft.

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This article was originally published on May 9, 2003

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