January 27, 2021
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Enhancing your Webmail program

  • By Bjxrn Borud
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New functions

  • m_move_mail()
    Move one or more mail messages from the current mailbox to some other mailbox.

  • m_list_mailboxes()
    Return an array containing the names of the mailfolders the IMAP server can find. The names returned in the array have been stripped of their prefixes.

  • m_folder_form()
    Display the folder list and provide a data entry field where the user can type in a new folder name.

  • m_create_mailbox()
    Creates a new mail-folder.

  • m_strip_mbox_name()
    Takes the mailbox name as returned by the internal IMAP functions and strips off all the ugly parts the user doesn't want to know about.

These functions were changed

  • m_login()
    Minor bugfix plus added some code to incorporate the new features in the interface.

  • m_mailbox_name()
    Added prefix to all mailbox names except the default mailbox called "INBOX".
Also, the index.php3 file was changed a bit to reflect the new functionality available and to perhaps be a bit more readable.

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This article was originally published on May 25, 1999

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