Open SourceTcat Server Improves Tomcat Performance, Supports Tomcat 7

Tcat Server Improves Tomcat Performance, Supports Tomcat 7

Software vendor MuleSoft is updating its Tcat Java server this week with new performance and security capabilities. Tcat is based on the widely deployed Apache Tomcat Java Web application server.

With Tcat Server 6 R4, MuleSoft is including new administrative dashboards and alerting capabilities to help improve and monitor system performance. Security gets a boost in the new release with an enhanced permissions system.

The new Tcat Server release comes as the Tomcat ecosystem continues to evolve with a new open source Apache Tomcat 7 server now available as a beta release. On the commercial front, MuleSoft competes against multiple vendors, including VMware’s SpringSource division with its tc server Tomcat release.

“All of the enterprise capabilities in Tcat Server, including the performance monitoring and management features, are built on top of the open source Apache Tomcat with MuleSoft IP innovations,” Sateesh Narahari, MuleSoft’s director of product management for Tcat Server, told “Of course, some of the features do derive from an open source base — for example, Tcat Server supports JMX metrics, which are part of the Java standard.”

With the R4 release of Tcat Server 6, MuleSoft is improving on some of the performance diagnostic capabilities that had been available in prior releases. Narahari pointed out that previous versions of Tcat did not have alerting or trending on custom and Java Management Extensions (JMX) metrics, which have now been added in the Tcat Server 6 R4 release.

“While previously the diagnostics information was exposed at the server level, R4 includes global-level dashboards that show a birds-eye and customizable view of the infrastructure,” Narahari said. “In addition, the intelligent alerts new in R4 allow administrators to manage performance much more predictively, letting them fix issues before the end user has a bad experience.”

Security is getting some attention in the Tcat Server 6 R4 update with role-based access control. Narahari noted that the permissions can also integrate with systems based on LDAP .

Though MuleSoft has numbered its Tcat server as version 6, the app server supports multiple versions of the open source Apache Tomcat project, including Tomcat 5.5, 6.0 and the latest beta version of 7.0, which debuted as a beta in July.

“Tcat Server already supports Tomcat 7 beta, and we plan to support the GA as soon as it is available,” Narahari said.

He added that Tcat Server is based on 100 percent Apache Tomcat, with no changes to the core code.

“That means that as new versions of Tomcat come out, Tcat Server immediately supports them,” Narahari said.

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