NewsWordPress for iPhone and iPad 2.6 Released

WordPress for iPhone and iPad 2.6 Released

Yesterday, WordPress iOS for iPhone and iPad version 2.6 dropped with some key new features and enhancements.

“Have you been using the WordPress iOS app for iPhone and iPad? Or maybe you tried it a while back and thought it wasn’t for you? Either way, the new release — v2.6 — will knock your socks off,” WordPress user experience lead Jane Wells wrote.

You can now record, update, attach and play videos within the application.

Local drafts has been totally rewritten so that drafts are not unintentionally lost for pending posts.

Autosave and post revisions is now available.

Setup is way easier, according to Wells. And media management is better.

“There are also numerous bugfixes and performance enhancements in this release, so if you haven’t been using the app lately, you should consider giving it another try,” Wells said.

You can learn more about WordPress for iOS version 2.6 here.

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