News What's Happening with Oracle's Unbreakable Linux?

What’s Happening with Oracle’s Unbreakable Linux?’s Jennifer Cloer discussed Oracle’s Unbreakable Linux with the software company’s Senior Director of Open Source Product Marketing Monica Kumar.

In 2010, Oracle created ripples in the open source community when it announced its Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel for Oracle Linux.

According to Kumar, Unbreakable Linux is faster, more secure and more stable than other Linux distributions such as Red Hat.

She said Oracle’s flavor of Linux “delivers more than 75 percent performance gain in OLTP performance tests over a Red Hat 5 Compatible Kernel; 200 percent speedup of InfiniBand messaging; 137 percent faster solid state disk access.”

While large enterprises remain skittish about using Linux for mission-critical applications and data, Kumar said that this is changing and more and more of Oracle’s customers are embracing Linux.

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