NewsWhat to Do When Patent Trolls Attack

What to Do When Patent Trolls Attack

Patent trolls are increasingly going after small developers. What should you do if you get a threatening letter that says you’ve infringed on someone’s intellectual property?

Patent attorney R. David Donoghue advises, “Blow off some steam, call them trolls, rant and rave. When you’re ready to focus on it, do it calmly and coolly, and review what they mean. If you respond, fewer words are better than many or more words. Understand what it is they’re claiming.”

He tells developers to research the claim thoroughly and fight back if it makes sense. Above all else, he says not to give in to fear—the trolls’ strongest weapon. “Certainly you’d hope that folks don’t panic if they just get a letter,” he adds. “A lot more letters are sent than lawsuits are actually filed.”

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