NewsStack Overflow Debuts Private Websites for Teams

Stack Overflow Debuts Private Websites for Teams

Stack Overflow, a popular online developer forum, is introducing a new product it calls Stack Overflow for Teams. Essentially, it is a private section of the organization’s website where developers can ask each other questions about their internal code without allowing everyone to see what they are discussing.

“Up until now, Stack Overflow has been a single website, publicly available worldwide with millions of questions that didn’t really give developers a way to ask private or proprietary questions of the members of their own team,” Stack Overflow CEO Joel Spolsky said. “That’s what we’re changing. You go to, sign up, and create a private team for your organization. And then any questions, which are directed to the team, go into a separate, secure database, and are only visible to your team.”

Stack Overflow for Teams is intended for teams of five to 500 people and costs $10 per month for the first 10 users and $5 per user per month after that. Stack Overflow also offers an Enterprise product.

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