NewsSoftware Developers Are Getting Younger

Software Developers Are Getting Younger

A new study from Evans Data finds that the median age (the age at which half of developers are older and half are younger) for software developers has fallen to just 38. In 2008, the median age for developers in North America hit a high of 46. “The median age decline in North America is interesting and most likely reflects two situations we’ve been experiencing since 2008,” said Evans Data CEO Janel Garvin. “The advent of mobile with new devices and distribution channels has attracted younger developers, while at the same time, the recession has resulted in many older developers retiring or being laid off. “

Interestingly, because a few developers have remained in the profession until very late in life, the average age of North American software developers has remained steady at 44. In other parts of the world, both the average and the mean age of software developers has been rising steadily for some time.

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