NewsRunCode Offers Coding and Hacking Challenges

RunCode Offers Coding and Hacking Challenges

Last year, volunteer developers launched Codewarz, an online contest featuring 24 coding challenges. This year, the contest is rebranded as RunCode, and it has corporate sponsors and a lot more challenges — 180, to be exact. The competition runs November 10-12, and it is open to developers of all levels of expertise. Winners will get prizes like an Intel NUC kit, Raspberry Pi and Arduino kits, and a one-year VIP subscription to the Hack The Box penetration testing lab — and, of course, bragging rights.

“We’ve had a gradual shift from pure coding challenges to a mix of coding challenges and more [capture the flag] CTF style,” said one of the RunCode team members. “We’re fans of CTFs ourselves and there was a lot of interest in it.”

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