NewsReport: Strong Growth in Active Users for Mobile Apps

Report: Strong Growth in Active Users for Mobile Apps

A new report from Flurry finds strong growth in the number of mobile development firms that are attracting very large user bases. For example in the first quarter of 2012, only 7 independent app developers had apps with more than 20 million active monthly users; today there are 32. Similarly, apps with audiences of more than a million users grew from 400 to 875 during the same period of time.

“These numbers are simply unprecedented, especially because most of these app developers have risen organically, and not as a result of consolidation or through mergers and acquisitions,” said the Flurry report. “If anything, the market, its reach and the time spent on mobile is still with the ‘middle class,’ or the mid-tail developers and content owners. Among the 1.2 billion device owners, app developers are finding millions of people to enjoy their apps and the content behind it.”

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