NewsReport: 88% of Developers Are Multilingual

Report: 88% of Developers Are Multilingual

The Application Developers Alliance and IDC have published a new Developer Insights Report which takes an in-depth look at the characteristics of today’s developers. Some of the key takeaways from the wide-ranging report included the following:

  • 88 percent of developers know more than one programming language, and 70 percent used between two and four languages during the last year.
  • Overall, 25 percent of developers are women, but 42 percent of developers in their first year of work are women.
  • 87 percent of developers are working on some mobile development projects.
  • 71 percent of developers work on both business and consumer projects.
  • 75 percent use open source software.
  • 68 percent have at least five years of experience.
  • 74 percent work in teams.

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