NewsRecord-Breaking App Store Sales on New Year's Day

Record-Breaking App Store Sales on New Year’s Day

According to Apple, January 1, 2015, set a record for the most app and in-app purchases through the App Store. In fact, the entire first week of the year was very good for the mobile development industry, which saw $500 million in iOS revenue over the seven-day period.

2014 also set records for Apple; App Store revenue rose 50 percent to exceed $10 billion. Since the App Store launched, Apple has paid mobile development firms more than $25 billion.

However, some industry watchers caution that most App Store profit is being earned by a few large firms. “It’s definitely some impressive numbers,” said Dan Maycock, an analyst with Transform, “but I just know that it’s being driven by a relatively small number of players. It’s more like a gold rush phenomenon where while a lot of people did very, very, well, the vast majority didn’t.”

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