NewsNode.js, Io.js Officially Reunite

Node.js, Io.js Officially Reunite

The Linux Foundation has officially launched the Node.js Foundation, which will oversee development of the Node.js framework. Earlier this year, the Node.js community experienced a very public split when a group of developers became unhappy with Joyent’s handling of the project and started a fork called io.js. The Node.js Foundation is reuniting both groups under new governance.

The Node.js Foundation “will operate with its own board of directors and community-elected technical steering committee with services and guidance provided by the Linux Foundation,” Jim Zemlin, executive director of the Linux Foundation, explained. He added, “The Node.js Foundation unites a truly diverse group of stakeholders, and our governance model ensures no single company or community can outweigh the others.”

Corporate sponsors of the Node.js Foundation include, IBM, Intel, Joyent, Microsoft, PayPal, NodeSource, Fidelity, Groupon, Sauce Labs, SAP and others.

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