NewsMozilla's Open Source Evangelist Giving it Up

Mozilla’s Open Source Evangelist Giving it Up

On his blog yesterday, Christopher Blizzard announced that he’s leaving his position as Mozilla’s top open source evangelist to become the new director of Web platform.

He said that as an evangelist, a “big part of that work has been listening to Web developers who are building on top of the web and understanding what they need.”

The job also required, Blizzard explained, that he work with Mozilla engineers to decide what’s important and what’s not.

After being an evangelist for a couple of years now, Blizzard said, “I think that I’ve discovered – and others inside of the project have discovered as well – that having someone doing that full time with a specific focus on the web platform full time is really important. (In the past that role was spread across various parts of the project.)”

And so it goes.

“I expect that I’ll be spending a good bit of my time on what the Web will look like 2-5 years from now and what we can do at Mozilla to make that happen,” he said.

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