NewsMozilla Hopes to Turn Web Users into Web Developers

Mozilla Hopes to Turn Web Users into Web Developers

Mozilla, the organization behind the open source Firefox browser, has announced a new project that aims to turn the millions of people who use the Web into developers. “The Web is becoming the world’s second language, and a vital 21st century skill — as important as reading, writing and arithmetic,” Mozilla’s Mark Surman said. “It’s crucial that we give people the skills they need to understand, shape and actively participate in that world, instead of just passively consuming it. That maker spirit and open ethos is vital to Mozilla, our partners and the Web.”

Webmaker will include development tools, how-to guides and recipes, starter projects and a community of Web developers. The Webmaker website will launch June 6, and Mozilla will host kickoff events as part of its Summer Code Party, which will run June 23 through September 23.

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