NewsMicrosoft Releases Kinect for Windows SDK 1.0

Microsoft Releases Kinect for Windows SDK 1.0

Making good on a promise it made last fall, Microsoft today released version 1.0 of its Kinect for Windows Software Development Kit (SDK). The tool will allow manufacturers and developers to use the motion-control input device for applications other than gaming.

Emphasizing its commitment to the technology, Microsoft promised to update the SDK two to three times per year, and it announced plans to add a variety of improvements, including support for up to four Kinect sensors attached to one system. “Microsoft’s ability to make these kinds of deep investments makes Kinect for Windows a product that companies can deploy with confidence, knowing you have our support and our ongoing commitment to make Kinect for Windows the best it can be,” said Microsoft’s Craig Eisler.

The Kinect for Windows SDK costs $249 for most users; Microsoft plans to offer a $149 version for academic uses later this year.

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