NewsMicrosoft Promises to Fix Apps Broken by Windows 10 Upgrades

Microsoft Promises to Fix Apps Broken by Windows 10 Upgrades

For enterprises with custom applications, operating system upgrades are fraught with potential challenges. Many IT departments worry that upgrades will break their apps, and as a result, they attempt to postpone updates.

Now, Microsoft is relieving some of those fears by promising to fix any custom applications broken by Windows 10 or Office 365 updates. The company believes very few apps will need these fixes. Microsoft’s Jared Spataro blogged, “Using millions of data points from customer diagnostic data and the Windows Insider validation process, we’ve found that 99 percent of apps are compatible with new Windows updates.”

The company is also offering a new tool called Desktop Deployment Analytics, which uses artificial intelligence to predict which apps might experience problems as a result of an update.

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