NewsMaemo but no MeeGo for the N900

Maemo but no MeeGo for the N900

Nokia has put out a firmware update for the Nokia N900 Linux-based smartphone.

The new version of the open source Maemo operating system is 5/PR1.2.

But what about MeeGo, isn’t that open source project supposed to supersede Maemo? Not according to Nokia.

“Nokia doesn’t have plans for the full scale commercial MeeGo upgrade on the Nokia N900,” Nokia said.

The company said that they realize that “this news may be a disappointment for some, rest assured that Nokia will continue to support the core Maemo software on your Nokia N900.”

The new Maemo now offers video chatting with Skype and XMPP. Qt 4.6.2 is preinstalled in the operating system. And the “Virtual Keyboard has been modified and now looks different.”

In addition to the feature tweaks, there’s a laundry list of bugs presumably squashed too.

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