NewsJavaFX—Analysts Express Doubts about Its Future

JavaFX—Analysts Express Doubts about Its Future

JavaFX 8, the latest version of the Java-based rich client platform, debuted in March, but many industry observers believe the technology will soon be obsolete. “We don’t see much if any interest in JavaFX,” said Forrester Research analyst John Rymer. “Java 8, yes, but not JavaFX. I’m afraid JavaFX is too little, too late. JavaFX certainly didn’t accomplish Sun’s goal for it, which was to make Java the top environment for Web client and mobile development.”

451 Research analyst Michael Cote added, “I think the days of the RIA [rich Internet applications] are long gone and have evolved into what we call mobile and tablets. HTML5, Android, and, of course, iOS handily won.”

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